September 26, 2017

X of the Year


Vicki Sato

After a long career in various leadership positions across the Boston biotech scene,
VICKI SATO is making another career switch, this time as a Boston life science export
to New York (she splits her time between the two cities). Sato co-chairs an advisory
committee for LifeSci NYC, a 10-year, $500 million government-funded plan to grow
the life sciences industry in New York City. The initiative has so far helped launch a
biotech incubator at the NYU Langone Medical Center, but LifeSci NYC, with Sato’s
help, has much more planned to help boost the city’s biotech ambitions.

Vicki Sato, co-chair, LifeSci NYC Advisory Council • Photography by Alex Gagne and Rythum Vinoben