Cardigan, Younkle’s Latest Startup, Seeks to Digitize Business Cards

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this out of the gate until we start to see how the product gets used.”

For now, Cardigan is free to download and use. Eventually, the startup could shift to a “freemium” model where certain features are free, but others cost money to use. For instance, the software is designed so that people who network in different types of settings can choose from a list of “personas” to share with someone. Cardigan might eventually consider charging for the ability to maintain additional personas beyond a certain number, Younkle says.

But like with many aspiring high-growth startups, the idea is to focus on accumulating Cardigan users initially, and then down the line think more about ways to make money.

“Let’s try to get hundreds of thousands of folks on the platform before we even think about monetization,” Younkle says. “I’m pretty confident in our ability to monetize if we can get any sort of scale out of this thing.”

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