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Have an Idea to Fix Transportation in Detroit? You Could Win $250K 09/17/15 Detroit Ann Arbor
Asteroid Mining: Metals are Valuable, but Water is the Real Prize 04/24/12 Seattle
Asteroid Mining? Yeah, It’s Possible—With Enough Money 04/23/12 Seattle
San Diego Tech Roundup: Venture Capital, Tealium, Qualcomm, & More 01/23/12 National
Halozyme Deal Could Yield $83M, Wireless Health Leaders Converge, Readers Vote on Worst Drug Names, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 05/12/11 San Diego
News From the Wireless Health Summit: Topol Plans a Medical School for Techies, the X Prize Plans a Challenge for Trekkies, & FDA Official Shows ‘Telepresence’ 05/11/11 San Diego
Qualcomm and the X Prize Foundation Move to Energize Diagnostics with $10M ‘Tricorder Prize’ 05/10/11 San Diego
Aneesh Chopra, Obama’s Chief Technology Officer, Talks About Health IT Geek Squads, Entrepreneurship Prizes, and “Data as a Policy Lever” 10/07/10 San Francisco
The Grand Challenge of Innovation 10/04/10 National
Free Copy of Jeff Bussgang’s ‘Mastering the VC Game’ for the Next 25 Purchasers of XSITE 2010 Tickets 05/24/10 Boston
Rocket Racing League, Led by XSITE Keynoter and X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis, Readies iPhone & iPad Game 05/18/10 Boston
The XSITEment Returns on June 17 at Babson College—X Prize Founder Diamandis to Keynote Xconomy Summit 04/22/10 Boston
Qualcomm Launches QPrize Competition 05/07/09 San Diego
Prize Capital Moves Closer to Creating $10 Million Algae Fuel Prize 04/28/09 San Diego
TopCoder—Crowdsourcing Software Long Before Crowdsourcing Got Cool 04/23/09 Boston
SpaceShipOne Replica Arrives at Paul Allen’s Hangar 01/14/09 Seattle
Grounded in Reality, Maxwell Technology’s CEO Dispels Static Around Ultracapacitors 12/04/08 San Diego
Carlsbad’s Aptera to Compete for $10 Million Automotive X Prize 11/19/08 San Diego
Avion, Kinetic Vehicles, and Western Washington University Compete for $10M Automotive X Prize 11/19/08 Seattle
MIT Sloan School Student One of Three Finalists in “Crazy Green Idea” Contest to Create Energy X Prize 11/17/08 Boston
SpaceDev Founder Jim Benson Dies 10/10/08 San Diego
X-Prize Goes Energy—With “Crazy Green Idea” Prize to Debut at MIT Today 09/10/08 Boston
Daily TIPs: Bartering Goes High-Tech, Obama Touts Cyber Czar, Global Warming Questioned, & More 07/17/08 National
ZS Genetics Enters Race for Genomics X Prize 04/24/08 Boston
With New Machine, Helicos Brings Personal Genome Sequencing A Step Closer 04/22/08 Boston
Group Led by Harvard’s George Church Will Bid for Genomics X Prize 12/04/07 Boston
Entrepreneur Segways Toward Medical Revolution Directing Genomics X Prize 08/23/07 Boston
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