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Abvio vs. FitnessKeeper: The Running App Founder Smackdown 10/18/10 National
RunKeeper Versus Runmeter on the iPhone: A Newbie Runner’s Review 10/15/10 National
Just When I Was Working Up Some Sympathy for Mark Zuckerberg—Facebook Blows It Again 10/08/10 National
Boston vs. NYC vs. Silicon Valley? Forget It—The Real City of Innovation Is Everywhere 10/01/10 National
Anybots, Y Combinator’s Housemate, Brings Remote-Controlled Robots to the White-Collar World 09/24/10 National
Can #NewTwitter Swim Faster Than a Fail Whale? 09/17/10 National
Google Instant Is Anything But a Time-Saver 09/10/10 National
The Leaning Tower of Ping: How iTunes Could Be Apple’s Undoing 09/03/10 National
Fotopedia Heritage Shows the Web Isn’t Dead—It’s Just Met the App World 08/27/10 National
Why Facebook Places Will Make Foursquare into a Footnote 08/19/10 National
Lighting Up the World’s Text: A Talk with Vook Founder Brad Inman 08/13/10 National
How to Banish Business Cards: A Ranked List of Digital Options 08/06/10 National
OpenAppMkt: The Return of the iPhone Web App? 07/30/10 National
Flipboard, Off to a Shaky Start, Could Still Grow Into One of Tablet Computing’s Killer Apps 07/23/10 National
Evernote Opens a Trunk of Goodies for Online-Notes Fans 07/16/10 National
Adventures in YouTube-Land: The Making of “World Wide Wade Goes West” 07/09/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode VII: Denver, CO 07/07/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode VI: Wall, South Dakota 07/06/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode V: Minneapolis, MN 07/02/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode IV: Torch Lake, MI 07/01/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode III, Who’s Wade? 06/30/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode II: Rochester, NY 06/29/10 National
World Wide Wade Goes West—Episode I: Gloucester, MA 06/28/10 National
26 Apps to Drive Your iPad Wild! 06/25/10 National
Goodbye, Boston 06/18/10 National
Let’s Abandon the Industrial-Decay Porn and Take a Closer Look at What’s Growing in Detroit 06/04/10 National
Goby and TripAdvisor: Two Great Mobile Apps for Your Upcoming Travels 05/28/10 National
Putting My iPad’s Geocaching App to the Test, on a Vlog in the Woods 05/21/10 National
Okay, You’ve Declared E-Mail Bankruptcy. Now What? 05/14/10 National
Microsoft’s Kin Phones Resurrect the Lifelogging Debate 05/07/10 National
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