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Shawn Broderick, Now at Murfie, Says Innovation in Digital Music Is Only Beginning 08/16/12 Boston
Tapjoy + Viximo = New Boston Social Mobile Studio 07/30/12 Boston
Visa Buys PlaySpan for $190M 02/09/11 San Francisco
KangoGift Platform Sends Gift Vouchers Via Text, Brings Virtual Goods Convenience to Real-World Use 09/23/10 Boston
Zynga Gets Zinged, Evernote Gets A Memory Button, Google TV Gets Accelerated, & Other Web News You Might Have Missed 09/10/10 San Francisco
Cray Inks $25M DofD Grant, G5 Nabs $15M, Google Acquires Jambool, & More Seattle Area Deals New 08/17/10 Seattle
Google Buys Jambool 08/16/10 San Francisco
Are Casual Games Dead? Viximo and Z2Live Founders Weigh In Coast-to-Coast on Social Gaming Movement 08/13/10 Boston
BigDoor Raises $5M Led by Foundry Group, Looks to Bring Game Mechanics to All the Web 06/08/10 Seattle
Dympol Uses Targeted Advertising to Cut Online Music Costs 05/06/10 Boston
Future of Online Advertising Looks Like Video, Mobile…and Microsoft 03/24/10 Seattle
At Quick Hit, Players Can Now Draft NFL Legends for Virtual Currency 02/01/10 Boston
Incoming Viximo CEO Sees a Burgeoning Economy of Virtual Goods 01/06/10 Boston
Live Gamer to Take Over Everquest Exchange 02/11/08 Boston
Live Gamer Aims to Civilize the Gray Market for Virtual Goods 12/21/07 Boston
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