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Venture Funding Slows as VC Industry Contracts, & Top 10 Deals List 04/19/13 National
Corporate Venture Activity Rebounds After Slump in Deals and Dollars 09/20/12 National
San Diego Startups Raise Over $300M From VCs in Second Quarter 07/20/12 San Diego
Software Surge Drives Up U.S. Venture Activity—and Top 10 Deals 07/19/12 National
Dow Jones Shows Slight Decline in Venture Deals, Dollars, Since Last Year 07/22/11 National
West Wireless Repositions Itself as an Impartial Arbiter, Amylin Makes Headway in Europe, VCs Debate Viability of Venture-Backed Biotech, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 04/21/11 San Diego
Triangulating VC Activity: Third Survey Shows Q1 Increase in Invested Capital 04/21/11 National
Stepping Down in San Diego: Venture Funding and Our Top 10 List of Fourth Quarter VC Deals 01/24/11 San Diego
A Return to Normalcy: MoneyTree Tracks Venture Funding Gains in 2010 01/20/11 National
Company Formation, Venture Capital Remain Concerns in Data for San Diego’s Innovation Economy 06/29/10 San Diego
Cleantech Becoming ‘Third Leg’ of VC Investing Stool—But Just How Big is That Leg? 04/30/10 San Diego
Startup Automaker Aptera Gets Back in Gear, Streaming Video Companies Vie for Attention, MeLLmo Gets Better at Mobile Graphics, & More San Diego BizTech News 04/19/10 San Diego
Qualcomm Ventures Leads Funding for Visage Mobile, Venture Deal Terms Favor Investors (Still), Leap Wireless Forms Joint Venture, & More San Diego BizTech News 03/01/10 San Diego
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