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Entry Author Date Location
Echodyne Demonstrates Detect and Avoid Radar on a Small Drone 11/08/16 Seattle
Drone Startups, Like Airware, Seek Profit in Software and the Cloud 07/30/14 San Francisco
This Ain’t Like Dusting Crops, Boy. Oh, Wait…Actually, It Is. 02/19/14 San Francisco
Roundup: Tango Card, VoloMetrix, Glider, Chirpify Score Funds, & More 05/01/13 Seattle
San Diego’s 3D Robotics Raises $5M as Wired Editor Resigns to Be CEO 11/06/12 San Diego
Cymer Sees Growth in Chip-Making, Northrop Grumman Combat Drone Takes First Flight, TurboTax Launches Mobile Tax-Filing App, & More San Diego BizTech News 02/07/11 San Diego
San Diego’s Wildfire Experience Provides an Edge in Disaster-Tracking Tech 09/29/10 San Diego
Northrop Grumman Planning First UAV-to-UAV Aerial Refueling 07/01/10 San Diego
Avalon Ventures Goes for Ninth Fund, Mobile Health Industry Seeks Tipping Point, Google Ventures Steps Into Spotlight, & More San Diego BizTech News 05/10/10 San Diego
How to Power “Eternal” UAVs in Flight: A LaserMotive Blueprint 05/04/10 Seattle
Fuel Cell Developer Adaptive Materials On Finding Engineers and the Company’s Future 04/28/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Fuel Cell Developer Adaptive Materials Is Michigan Success Story; Maybe Too Successful 04/27/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Beaming Power to UAVs, Space Elevators, and Someday, Earth: The LaserMotive Plan 04/13/10 Seattle
CyPhy Works Wins UAV Grant 12/16/09 Boston
Contract Gives Lift to Fire Scout 02/23/09 San Diego
General Atomics’ Unmanned Predator Aircraft Goes Domestic with New Missions 02/19/09 San Diego
IRobot Co-Founder Greiner Launches Stealth Robotics Company, The Droid Works 02/09/09 Boston
Can Tiny Insect Planes Survive Collisions? The Air Force Wants to Know 12/02/08 Boston
Sky Cowboys: Cambridge’s Aurora Studies Ways to Lasso Robot Planes In Flight 11/25/08 Boston
Aurora, Draper, BAE Win Contract to Build Long-Duration Surveillance Aircraft 04/14/08 Boston
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