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Dendreon’s Former Boss Predicts Takeover, Covance Buys Merck Lab, How NanoString Got $30M, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 07/30/09 Seattle
SonoSite Sales Dip 12 Percent 07/27/09 Seattle
Stem Cell Entrepreneur Quinn Dies, Dendreon Tames Shorts, PhysioSonics Monitors Brain Blood, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 07/02/09 Seattle
Yapta Closes Series B, PhysioSonics Scores $2M More, Powerit Talks Strategy, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/30/09 Seattle
PhysioSonics, Looking at Blood in the Brain, Aims to Monitor Effects of Drugs 06/29/09 Seattle
PhysioSonics Nabs $2M 06/25/09 Seattle
Cell Therapeutics Ships App to FDA, Targeted Genetics Cuts Again, Sanofi CEO Looks to Biotech & More Seattle Area Life Sciences News 06/25/09 Seattle
Mirabilis Medica Aims to Help Women Avoid the Dreaded Hysterectomy 06/22/09 Seattle
SonoSite Buys CardioDynamics for $12.3M 06/09/09 Seattle
SonoSite Lowers Sales Forecast 04/27/09 Seattle
Dendreon Saga Nears Climax, Gregoire Biotech Fund in Jeopardy, UW’s Biofuel Futurist, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 04/09/09 Seattle
SonoSite Revenue Dips 04/06/09 Seattle
Seattle-Area Company Closures: Sotto, TeachFirst, and Ultreo Shut Down 03/12/09 Seattle
ImaRx’s Ultrasound Stroke Treatment, After Devastating Setback, Beats Clot-Busting Drug in Study 02/19/09 Seattle
Auth, O’Donnell Join Academy 02/09/09 Seattle
Pathway Medical Gets Traction, Ekos Raises $12.5M, ZymoGenetics Sales Boss Departs, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 02/05/09 Seattle
Lenovo Buys Switchbox, Ekos Raises $12.5M, nLight Lands $10.7M, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 02/03/09 Seattle
Ekos, Maker of Ultrasound Clot Dissolver, Raises $12.5 Million for Commercial Push 01/30/09 Seattle
Dendreon Expects Results in April, Seattle Genetics Plans Hodgkin’s Trial, ImaRx Moves to Town & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/22/09 Seattle
ImaRx, Led by Former Icos Manager, Comes to Town 01/20/09 Seattle
SonoSite Revenue Climbs 19 Percent 01/12/09 Seattle
Breast Cancer’s Hidden Side Effect: ImpediMed Aims to Spot Slow-Emerging Lymph Disorder 01/09/09 San Diego
Tysabri’s Roots at the “Hutch,” MediQuest Spurned by FDA, ZymoGenetics Drug Passes Test, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 11/06/08 Seattle
Kashless Cashes In, InEnTec Gets $150M, EnerG2 Energized by Venture Investment, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 11/04/08 Seattle
Look Inside This Body: The Greater Seattle Ultrasound Cluster 11/03/08 Seattle
Sonosite Buys Back $60M of Convertible Debt 10/30/08 Seattle
SonoSite Marketing Boss Resigns to Take Job at Smith & Nephew 08/28/08 Seattle
Ultrasound Stethoscopes, Stealthy Software, A New Enzyme Startup, and More from Alexandria Real Estate’s Summer Celebration 08/28/08 Seattle
Liposonix, Maker of Ultrasound Fat-Buster, Will Still Grow Up in Bothell After Takeover 08/04/08 Seattle
Light Sciences Oncology, Led by CEO on the Go, Prepares for Its Big Day 07/24/08 Seattle
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