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Entry Author Date Location
Norman Steps in at Supercomputer Center 06/19/09 San Diego
Raj Krishnan: Moving From Cancer Diagnosis Innovation to a Business 06/10/09 San Diego
Early Cancer Diagnosis Startup Wins Entrepreneur Challenge 06/02/09 San Diego
Great (Algae) Expectations, and San Diego’s Plans for Creating a Big Green Cluster 04/29/09 San Diego
Obama’s Science and Technology Advisory Council Includes Holdren, Molina, Mundie 04/27/09 National
UCSD Starts Digital Media Center 03/18/09 San Diego
Recruiters Say They’re Hiring, But UCSD Engineering Students See It Differently 02/23/09 San Diego
From the Valley of the Green Giant, Google Energy Czar Lowers the Heat 01/23/09 San Diego
San Diego Algae Biofuels Industry Gains Steam With R&D Consortium 01/21/09 San Diego
Pentagon Awards Biofuel R&D Contract to General Atomics 12/10/08 San Diego
UCSD Supercomputing Center Looks to Create More Business Partnerships 10/15/08 San Diego
Biochemistry Tool-Maker Roger Tsien Looks for the Pass Through the Mountains (Update: Tsien Wins Nobel Prize) 10/08/08 San Diego
Qualcomm Founder Irwin Jacobs Urges Entrepreneurs to “Keep Running Fast” 10/07/08 San Diego
San Diego 92037 10/06/08 San Diego
UCSD Touts Its Economic Impact, Including 193 Companies and $37 Billion in Annual Spending and Personal Income 10/01/08 San Diego
Qualcomm Co-Founder, Andrew Viterbi, Wins National Medal of Science For Key Wireless Innovation 09/30/08 San Diego
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