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Entry Author Date Location
PlaceIQ Garners $4,200,000 New Funding 12/12/11 Boulder/Denver
The Immunex Impact: A Trivia Quiz 11/15/11 Seattle
4INFO Receives $14,000,000 New Round 10/27/11 San Francisco
Yammer is Not Just Facebook for Enterprises: A Deep Dive with CEO David Sacks 10/13/11 San Francisco
Cleave Biosciences Nabs $42M, Veteran Execs, to Chase Personalized Cancer Therapies 10/11/11 San Francisco
Cleave Biosciences Receives $42,000,000 Series A Financing Round 10/11/11 San Francisco
Karmasphere Obtains $6,000,000 Series B Financing Round 09/30/11 San Francisco
Blekko Lands $30,000,000 New Round 09/29/11 San Francisco
Yammer Obtains $17,000,000 Series D Funding 09/27/11 San Francisco
CardioKinetix Obtains $44,000,000 Series E Funding Round 09/21/11 San Francisco
Simpirica Spine Lands $22,000,000 Series C Financing Round 09/20/11 San Francisco
Trunk Club Obtains $11,000,000 Series A Financing Round 09/08/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Who’s Hiring, Who’s Starting, and Who’s Dead: A Pre-Labor Day Roundup of Tech Tidbits 09/01/11 Boston
Quixey Obtains $3,800,000 Series A Funding 08/29/11 San Francisco
Zerto Secures $15,000,000 Series B Round 08/16/11 Boston
Intuity Medical Garners $76,000,000 Series D Funding 08/02/11 San Francisco
Intermolecular Aims for $200M IPO 07/29/11 San Francisco
Smartling Obtains $10,000,000 Series B Funding Round 07/27/11 New York
Contour Energy Systems Garners Series C Round 06/22/11 San Diego
Facebook vs. Google, Polaris Skips Town, HackStars’ Unlikely Origin, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 06/07/11 Seattle
Kaiam Obtains $5,000,000 Series B Financing Round 06/07/11 San Francisco
Trinity Leads $10M Investment in Act-On Software, Helping Oregon-Based Digital Marketing Company Fuel International Growth 06/01/11 Seattle
GoPro Lands New Round 05/05/11 San Francisco
$15M for Intermolecular 03/11/11 San Francisco
Box.net Nabs $48M, BookRenter Books $40M, Transphorm Absorbs $20M, & More Bay Area BizTech News 02/28/11 San Francisco
Investors Bet Big on Box.net with $48M Round 02/24/11 San Francisco
Box.net Obtains $48,000,000 Series D Financing 02/24/11 San Francisco
Clustrix Collects $12M 12/15/10 San Francisco
Clustrix Obtains $12,000,000 Series B Funding 12/15/10 San Francisco
Victrio Raises $5M 12/14/10 San Francisco
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