“trapit” Archives

Entry Author Date Location
Addvocate Acquires Trapit for Undisclosed Sum 12/09/14 San Francisco
The Future of Work, Plus or Minus E-mail 06/16/14 San Francisco
News, Social Networking Meet in Prismatic’s “Interest Network” 12/20/13 National
Trapit Obtains $999,999 New Funding 09/19/13 San Francisco
Trapit Garners $999,999 New Funding Round 09/19/13 San Francisco
Trapit Secures $1,037,793 New Financing Round 06/05/13 San Francisco
Trapit Garners $721,971 New Financing Round 01/10/13 San Francisco
Trapit Adapts AI-Driven Personal Search for Paying Customers 11/27/12 San Francisco
Trapit Receives New Financing Round 09/26/12 San Francisco
10 Indispensable Apps for the Back-to-School Season 08/24/12 National
In Kuato’s Game World, Knowledge is Power, and the AIs are Friendly 07/31/12 San Francisco
How Not to Name a Startup: The Curse of the Camel Case 12/22/11 National
From the Lab that Brought You Siri, It’s Trapit—A Personalized Discovery Engine 10/21/11 National
Trapit Receives $5,555,959 New Funding Round 10/04/11 San Francisco
Trapit Secures $1,797,609 New Funding 12/29/10 San Francisco
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