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Entry Author Date Location
Kyoto Prize Winner Robert Langer on Innovations to Come 03/19/15 Boston
Modern Meadow Grazes on $10M to Grow Leather Without Cows 06/18/14 New York
Using Bioprinting Technology, San Diego’s Organovo Makes 3D Tissue 04/23/13 San Diego
Organovo Joins with OHSU to Bio-Engineer Cancer Tissue for Drug R&D 01/30/13 San Diego
Histogenics Brings In $49M for Tissue Regeneration—and Recapitalization 07/24/12 Boston
Organovo Raises $6.5M, Lists on OTC, in Alternative Public Offering 02/14/12 San Diego
Organovo’s Bio-Printing Technology Yields Unanticipated Revenue from Pharma Partners 07/13/11 San Diego
ThredUP Funded by New Micro VC Firm, Visterra Grabs $6M, Vivox Gets $2M From Peacock Equity, & More Boston-Area Deals News 07/14/10 Boston
San Diego’s Organovo Develops Bio-Printer Technology to Engineer New Organs 01/08/10 San Diego
Pervasis, Maker of Product to Heal Blood Vessels, Hires Genzyme Exec as First CEO 10/21/08 Boston
InCytu’s Betting that On-the-Spot Body Repair Will Succeed Where Traditional Tissue Engineering Has Not 01/02/08 Boston
BioEngine: One Step Closer to Artificial Liver Device 09/20/07 Boston
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