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On Nurturing a Startup in Detroit, Labyrinthine Bureaucracies, and RoboCop: A Conversation with Jerry Paffendorf 10/25/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Randal Charlton Leaves TechTown to Run New Program for Older Entrepreneurs 10/24/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Welcome to Detroit: Future Home of RobotTown? 10/05/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
My Farewell Present: Six Observations About Michigan’s Innovation Economy 07/25/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
NextCAT Continues To Push Forward With The Help of Uncle Sam 07/01/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
At The Great Lakes Stem Cell (Innovation) Center, Researchers Anxiously Wait For Technology To Take Off 06/08/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Staebler To Oversee TechTown 05/26/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
If Michigan Were a Stock, I’d Buy a Bunch of Options 04/06/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Can Southeast Michigan’s Four Accelerators Play Nice With Each Other? 03/21/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
From Human Tissue Supplier to R&D Contractor to BioBank Builder, Asterand Seeks Its Future 03/16/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Cut! Michigan’s Film and Video Game Startups Fear Loss of Popular Tax Credits 03/02/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Get Set for Michigan 2031: Xconomy’s First Detroit Event to Examine State’s Innovation Landscape 20 Years Ahead 02/24/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Help Wanted in Michigan: Immigrants Need Apply 02/23/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
In Southeast Michigan, Keeping Young Talent in the State a Constant Challenge 02/14/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
The Story of Detroit Added Some Significant Chapters in 2010; Here Are 10 of Them 12/23/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Hosts “World’s Largest” Biz Plan Contest This Week, $1M-Plus for Winners 12/09/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Business Accelerator Network for Southeast Michigan Offers $1M in Prizes for Entrepreneurs 08/24/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Startup School, Round Two: The 2010 Xconomy Guide to Venture Incubators 06/24/10 National
Major Michigan Business Incubators Get $3M Incentive to Get Their Act Together 06/21/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
TechTown, Unity Studios Will Partner to Produce Michigan-Based Film Crews 05/27/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
What Can Detroit Do? Innovate, Collaborate, Reinvigorate 05/24/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Without a Thriving Detroit, Michigan Cannot Catch that Train to Prosperity 05/19/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Detroit’s NextCAT Hopes to Light a Fire Under Idled Biodiesel Producers with New Catalysts 05/17/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Sloan Returns To Michigan, Launches Aria Equities To Change Entrepreneurial Culture 05/10/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Introducing the Detroit X Lists: Xconomy’s Guide To Michigan Innovation 05/05/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Detroit Stem Cell Startup Gets $200K 05/03/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
The Building Blocks of Innovation: Part 2 of Our Q&A with David Egner of the New Economy Initiative 05/03/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Breaking the Myopic Mold: Q&A with David Egner of Detroit’s New Economy Initiative 04/26/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
TechTown’s New $5M Fund Only a Baby Step for FastTrac Entrepreneurs 04/23/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
At Xconomy Detroit, A New Narrative Begins In A City That Is Always Striving 04/20/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
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