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Entry Author Date Location
Austin Startups, EverlyWell and Bitfusion, Nab New Rounds of Funding 05/03/17 Texas
Cray Supercomputers Power Weather Forecasts Globally, and Now in the U.S. 04/08/15 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Cray, Blue Box, BigDoor, Late ’14 Deals, & More 01/09/15 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Commercial Space Setbacks, Cray’s Big Deal, & More 10/31/14 Seattle
New UW, PNNL Institute Attracts Supercomputing Expert Dunning 04/25/13 Seattle
Deals Roundup: Cray Buys Appro, Avanade + Azaleos, Meteor and more 11/16/12 Seattle
SD Supercomputer Center Takes Lead in Commercializing Analytics 10/16/12 San Diego
Cray Says Layoffs Make Room for Future Hires, Headcount to Stay Roughly Flat by Year’s End 03/23/11 Seattle
Cray Wins $60M University of Stuttgart Contract 10/26/10 Seattle
Cray, Nvidia Team Up on $25M Defense Grant to Develop Graphics-Based Supercomputers 08/10/10 Seattle
How Seattle Startups Could Lead the World: Five Technology Themes to Watch 06/18/10 Seattle
Cray Wins $47M DOE Contract 05/20/10 Seattle
Top 10 Takeaways From Seattle’s Engineering Summit: Electro-Active Wallpaper, Facebook Is Watching You, and Dendreon Detractors 05/06/10 Seattle
Cray Wins $20M Brazilian Contract 04/21/10 Seattle
Bill Gates’s Nuclear Miracle? John Gilleland Says TerraPower Needs Discipline, Not Divine Intervention 03/23/10 Seattle
Cray Wins $45M DoD Contract 02/24/10 Seattle
SiCortex Co-Founder John Mucci Passes Away 02/08/10 Boston
Brown, IBM Switch On Supercomputer 11/20/09 Boston
Who’s Up, Who’s Down in Tech Company Earnings Land 10/30/09 Seattle
Cray, Isilon, Marchex Weigh In With Their Company Cultures Boiled Down to One Word 10/05/09 Seattle
Calit2’s Larry Smarr (Part 2): Insights on the Path Ahead and 4 Big Ideas for the Future of Health, Energy, Environment, and Culture 10/01/09 San Diego
Cray Inks $40M Korean Contract 09/08/09 Seattle
Cray Acquires SiCortex Assets 08/31/09 Seattle
Cray, InfoSpace Exceed Analyst Expectations, and Other Second-Quarter Earnings Highlights 08/07/09 Seattle
Cray Shares Rise on Unexpected Profit from New Supercomputing Contracts 08/04/09 Seattle
Cray’s Comeback: CEO Peter Ungaro on Clouds, Exaflops, and the Future of Supercomputing 07/30/09 Seattle
High Tech for a Historic City—A 21-Year-Old Web Entrepreneur’s View of the Big Computing Center Planned for His Home Town 06/15/09 Boston
State Set to Make Big, “Green” High Performance Computing Announcement: Effort to Bring Jobs to Western MA 06/09/09 Boston
SiCortex, Out of Cash, Powers Down 05/28/09 Boston
Supercomputing Along the Columbia River: PNNL’s Chinook Operators Crunching Digits on How to be More Green 11/14/08 Seattle
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