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Entry Author Date Location
Week in Review: Remembering the Seattle of Chris Cornell and Grunge 05/19/17 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Big Numbers, UW Incubator, Trupanion, Cray, & More 07/11/14 Seattle
From Jeopardy to Fighting Cancer—IBM’s Watson at XSITE on Thursday 06/11/12 Boston
Cray Says Layoffs Make Room for Future Hires, Headcount to Stay Roughly Flat by Year’s End 03/23/11 Seattle
Cray Wins $60M University of Stuttgart Contract 10/26/10 Seattle
Cray Lands $45M Contract from NNSA 04/01/10 Seattle
Brown, IBM Switch On Supercomputer 11/20/09 Boston
Cray Acquires SiCortex Assets 08/31/09 Seattle
Cray Shares Rise on Unexpected Profit from New Supercomputing Contracts 08/04/09 Seattle
Cray’s Comeback: CEO Peter Ungaro on Clouds, Exaflops, and the Future of Supercomputing 07/30/09 Seattle
SiCortex Introduces “Green Computing Index” to Rank Big Computers on Energy Efficiency 11/06/08 Boston
SiCortex: High Performance Computing Without the High Electric Bills 09/23/08 Boston
Cray, Microsoft Team Up to Sell $25K Windows Supercomputer—Will It Blue-Screen? 09/16/08 Seattle
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