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Entry Author Date Location
AWS Buys Video Software Maker Elemental Technologies for Reported $500M 09/03/15 National
Venture Goes Mobile as 3rd Quarter Deal Activity Hits 12-Year High 10/10/13 National
EdgeCast Networks Secures $54,000,000 New Financing Round 07/19/13 San Diego
Zettics Secures $8,200,000 New Funding 06/24/13 Boston
Elemental Technologies Obtains $13,000,000 Series C Financing Round 05/08/12 Seattle
Seattle’s Ground Truth Merges with Boston’s Umber Systems to Become NYC-Based Mobile Intelligence Solutions 07/14/11 Seattle
Mobile Intelligence Solutions Lands $8,000,000 New Financing 07/14/11 Seattle
GoPro Lands New Round 05/05/11 San Francisco
GameSalad Secures $6,100,000 Series B Financing 03/31/11 Texas
Baynote Brings in $13M 01/12/11 San Francisco
Baynote Obtains $13,000,000 Series C Round 01/12/11 San Francisco
Passenger Receives $7,500,000 New Financing 10/05/10 San Diego
Disney Buys Playdom, Adobe Buys Day, & More Mid-Week Deals News Around Silicon Valley 07/28/10 San Francisco
Elemental Talks About Its $7.5M Series B, and Cashing In on the New Economics of Online Video 07/27/10 Seattle
Elemental Technologies Garners $7,500,000 Series B Financing 07/27/10 Seattle
GameSalad Receives $1,000,000 Series A Funding Round 07/15/10 Texas
$33M More for Playdom 06/23/10 San Francisco
Playdom Receives $3,300,000 Series B Financing Round 06/22/10 San Francisco
Ground Truth Raises $7M More; CEO Sterling Wilson Talks Company Culture, Global Expansion 04/27/10 Seattle
Ground Truth Garners $7,000,000 Series B Round 04/27/10 Seattle
FreeWheel Receives $16,800,000 New Funding 04/26/10 San Francisco
EdgeCast Networks Garners $10,000,000 Series C Funding Round 04/12/10 San Diego
Amazon Buys Touchco, Infinia Raises More Cash, the Truth About Photobucket, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 02/09/10 Seattle
It’s Official: Ontela Bought Photobucket from News Corp. 02/05/10 Seattle
Scrapblog Garners $2,500,000 New Funding Round 02/05/10 San Francisco
Ground Truth Emerges from Stealth, Provides New Window Into Mobile Internet Usage 01/25/10 Seattle
Ontela Merges with Newly Independent Photobucket, Looks to Combine Companies’ Reach on Web and Mobile 12/16/09 Seattle
Sometrics Receives Series B Funding 10/18/09 San Diego
As Mobile Phones Overtake Cameras, Consumers Still Struggle to Use Them, Says Ontela Survey at CTIA 10/06/09 Seattle
Stealthy Ground Truth Gets $2.6M 07/02/09 Seattle
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