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Entry Author Date Location
New NW-Focused Tech VC Firm Flies Under the Radar 04/13/17 Seattle
Voysis Nabs $8M, Adds to Boston’s Growing Voice Tech Cluster 02/22/17 Boston
Techstars Teams with Amazon for Alexa Startup Accelerator in Seattle 11/30/16 Seattle
Seattle Week in Review: AI, Remitly, Spaceflight, Sound as UI, More 09/30/16 Seattle
Indiana’s SpeechVive Nabs $2M for Parkinson’s Speech Devices 05/18/16 Indiana
New Amazon Fund Invests in Boston Hardware Firm Dragon Innovation 06/26/15 Boston
Speech Startup VocaliD Creates Personalized Voices With Crowd’s Help 06/15/15 Boston
Former Apple Speech Scientist Joins Secretive Mobile Startup 01/23/15 Boston
“Social” Robot Maker Jibo Adds $25M, New CEO With Speech Chops 01/21/15 Boston
Expansion of Microsoft Research—Analysis and Download of 1997 Plan 07/17/14 Seattle
A Tablet App from Invention Labs Helps Kids with Speech Disabilities 12/05/13 San Francisco
The Future of Microsoft Research: One on One With New Boss Peter Lee 11/14/13 National
The Memo That Spawned Microsoft Research—Analysis and Download 10/01/13 National
Apple’s Boston-Area Team: Working on Speech in Nuance’s Backyard 07/26/13 Boston
Waiting for the Speakularity 08/10/12 National
From the Kinect to AIDS Vaccines: Rick Rashid Reflects on 20 Years of Microsoft Research 09/27/11 Seattle
Nuance Buys Equitrac for $157M 05/10/11 Boston
Inside Google’s Age of Augmented Humanity: Part 1 01/03/11 San Francisco
Vulcan Re-ups with Audience 03/03/10 Seattle
Microsoft’s Craig Mundie on Future Interfaces, Computer Science Education, and Life After Bill G 11/04/09 Seattle
Forget Typing: VoiceBox Technologies Raises Cash to Search for Info by Voice Alone 09/03/09 Seattle
Craig Mundie of Microsoft on the Future of Software: Digital Assistants, Natural User Interfaces, and Room Computing 07/13/09 Seattle
Redstart Systems’ Voice Command Software Replaces the Keyboard and Mouse—and Not Just for Dictation 04/21/09 Boston
Nuance Ending Pursuit of Zi with $35M Deal 02/27/09 Boston
Nuance Still Stalking Zi 02/02/09 Boston
Nuance Gets IBM Speech Technology 01/16/09 Boston
Nuance to Sell $175M in Stock 01/15/09 Boston
Vlingo Upgrades Blackberry App 10/29/08 Boston
Nuance Suit Against Vlingo Could Shut Down Yahoo’s Voice-Driven Mobile Search Service 06/17/08 Boston
Nuance to Raise $100 Million in Public Offering 06/05/08 Boston
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