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Entry Author Date Location
LevelTen Raises $6.8M as Corporations Demand More Wind, Solar 10/16/17 Seattle
LevelTen Aims to Satisfy Surging Corporate Renewable Energy Demand 05/03/17 Seattle
How a War on Climate Change Could Restore Economic Growth in America 08/23/16 National
Coming Soon: Coding Lab, Co-Working Space, and More in Highland Park 02/08/16 Detroit Ann Arbor
Cleantech Angel Group NWEA On Pace to Break 2012 Investing Record 07/02/13 Seattle
1366 Shakes Off Solar Industry Woes, Opens New Wafer Plant 01/31/13 Boston
The Top 10 San Diego Cleantech Milestones of 2012 01/15/13 San Diego
With New SD Factory, Soitec Joins Top 3 U.S. Solar Panel Makers 12/19/12 San Diego
NextEnergy, MEDC Launch Michigan Accelerating Technologies Grant 12/18/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Cleantech Innovation and ‘Reinventing Fire’ with Amory Lovins 04/03/12 San Diego
The Real Lessons of Solyndra 03/21/12 San Francisco
Gotham Greens: Cleantech and Farm Tech Converge in Brooklyn 02/07/12 New York
Big Solar Project Advances, Perminova Raises $7M, Qualcomm Buys Charging Technology, & More San Diego BizTech News 11/14/11 San Diego
SiOnyx, Black Silicon Startup of the North Shore, Shows Its Solar Cell Tech Is For Real 10/25/11 Boston
3Tier Cuts Deal With Bloomberg to Bring Wind Energy Tool to Wall Street 09/29/11 Seattle
With $50M Deal, San Diego Company Combines PV Solar, Financing, and New Roof 09/23/11 San Diego
Who’s Hiring, Who’s Starting, and Who’s Dead: A Pre-Labor Day Roundup of Tech Tidbits 09/01/11 Boston
HubSpot Board Swaps In Simon for Goodman, Levin Joins MTDC, & More Tech Personnel Moves 08/11/11 Boston
NuvoSun Round Grows to $11.6M 08/09/11 San Francisco
SD’s iHub Expanded to Riverside 08/03/11 San Diego
DuPont Scoops Up “Silicon Ink” Maker Innovalight 07/25/11 San Francisco
$200M for Brightsource Energy 04/01/11 San Francisco
Qualcomm Rides Wave of 3G Growth, Dissident Shareholder Emerges at Leap, UCSD’s Fowler Plumbs the Power of Social Networks, & More San Diego BizTech News 03/14/11 San Diego
$3M for Solar Power Partners 01/31/11 San Francisco
Evergreen Solar to Shut Down Massachusetts Plant, Lay Off 800 Workers 01/11/11 Boston
My Three Predictions for 2011 01/06/11 Boston
BrightSource Will Get $300M from NRG 10/27/10 San Francisco
1366 Technologies Gets $20M Round to Move Solar Tech into Production 10/19/10 Boston
The One Percent Solution: How Innovalight’s Silicon Ink Makes Solar Panels Slightly More Efficient, and Why That’s a Huge Deal 10/06/10 San Francisco
Sharp To Buy Recurrent 09/22/10 San Francisco
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