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Entry Author Date Location
Funzio Wins $20M 05/10/11 San Francisco
UW Business Competition Highlights, ExtraHop’s $14M Haul, PopCap’s Acquisition, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 05/03/11 Seattle
GREE Buys OpenFeint for $104M 04/21/11 San Francisco
Zillow Files for IPO, PopCap Heading the Same Way, Zynga Beckons Local Talent, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/19/11 Seattle
PopCap, Eyeing an IPO this Fall, Talks Revenue Growth, Shifting Platforms, & Zynga Jealousy in a Blitz with Media, Investors 04/18/11 Seattle
Zynga’s Mark Pincus on Becoming the Amazon of Social Games, Big Data Growth, & Recruiting Failures Spawning a Seattle Office 04/13/11 Seattle
PopCap’s New Indie Label 4th & Battery, the Sandbox For a Death-Metal Horse Romp & Other “Really Strange or Marginal Ideas” 04/05/11 Seattle
Fast Gets Faster: Zipline’s Moai Seeks to Speed Up Mobile Game Development by Knocking Down Language Barriers 04/04/11 Seattle
Z2Live’s Latest Round Worth $2.5M 03/30/11 Seattle
RealNetworks CEO Bob Kimball Out, Presided Over Big Changes 03/28/11 Seattle
Gaming Not Just for The Hardcore, Boston’s Talent Pool is Hot, and More Takeaways from MIT Sloan’s Business In Gaming Conference 03/14/11 Boston
Kauffman Labs Inaugural Incubator Program Brings In Education-Focused Entrepreneurs from Massachusetts, Michigan, and Bay Area 02/10/11 National
Viximo Founder Brian Balfour Steps Back from Full-Time Role; Company Doing “Extremely Well” 02/05/11 Boston
Kabam Wins $30M 01/20/11 San Francisco
Zynga Expands to Seattle 10/13/10 San Francisco
Zynga Grabs Bonfire Studios 10/06/10 San Francisco
Novel Seeks to Marry Casual Games With MMOs in “Empire & State” 10/01/10 Seattle
Buzzient Makes Social Media Analytics Software, Attracting Business Customers From Gaming to Financial Services 09/02/10 Boston
A Bidding War for 3Par, a Trademark War over Mafia Wars, a Barrage of New Y Combinator Startups, & More Bay Area BizTech and Life Sciences News 08/30/10 San Francisco
Zynga Buys Conduit Labs; Social Gaming Giant’s Footprint Now Includes Boston 08/17/10 San Francisco
Ayeah Games, With New Seed Capital in Hand, Looks to Create “Social Reality” Games 08/16/10 Boston
Are Casual Games Dead? Viximo and Z2Live Founders Weigh In Coast-to-Coast on Social Gaming Movement 08/13/10 Boston
Reports: Google to Buy Slide 08/05/10 San Francisco
Softbank Bets $150M on Zynga 07/29/10 San Francisco
Disney Buys Playdom, Adobe Buys Day, & More Mid-Week Deals News Around Silicon Valley 07/28/10 San Francisco
$33M More for Playdom 06/23/10 San Francisco
Mindbloom, With New Social Game, Finds Niche in Health, Wellness, and “Gamification” of the Web 06/11/10 Seattle
Quick Hit Cracks Into EA’s NFL Market (But Winning Over Tom Brady Will Take Longer) 06/10/10 Boston
WildTangent Teams Up with Playdom to Deliver Ads in Social Games 03/12/10 Seattle
Z2Live Rolls Out Voice Chat for iPhone Games, Announces New Mobile Game Community 03/09/10 Seattle
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