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Entry Author Date Location
Leanplum Garners $11,600,000 Series B Funding Round 08/05/15 San Francisco
Bay Area Funding Roundup: Fitbit, Cohesity, Doctor On Demand, Fetch 06/19/15 San Francisco
Fetch Unveils Robot Duo to Adapt Warehouses for Quick-Delivery Era 04/29/15 San Francisco
VoloMetrix Raises $12M to Market ‘People Analytics’ Software 10/13/14 Seattle
In Crowded Field, Cariloop Helps Families Find Care for Elders 06/06/14 Texas
E-mail Adtech Player LiveIntent Finds its Stride, Plans More Growth 04/14/14 New York
LeanData Lands $5,100,000 Series A Financing 03/19/14 San Francisco
LeanData Secures $5,100,000 Series A Round 03/19/14 San Francisco
Whisper Obtains $30,000,000 New Funding 03/11/14 San Diego
ClassDojo Lands $8,500,000 Series A Round 03/03/14 San Francisco
ZEFR Obtains $30,000,000 Series D Round 02/26/14 San Diego
CloudPassage Obtains $25,500,000 Series C Financing 02/13/14 San Francisco
Jack Erwin Obtains $2,000,000 Series A Round 02/07/14 New York
TigerText Receives $21,000,000 Series B Round 01/27/14 San Diego
Walled Gardens Make Good Neighbors, Argues Nextdoor CEO 01/23/14 San Francisco
Turn Receives $80,000,000 Series E Funding 01/16/14 San Francisco
LeanData Secures $72,500 New Financing 12/18/13 San Francisco
Mocana Obtains $15,000,000 New Funding Round 12/12/13 San Francisco
Extole Receives $5,000,000 New Funding Round 12/10/13 San Francisco
Nextdoor Garners $60,000,000 New Funding 10/29/13 San Francisco
Gainspeed Garners Series B Financing Round 10/25/13 San Francisco
StrongLoop Receives $8,000,000 Series A Funding 09/18/13 San Francisco
Zuora Garners $50,000,000 Series E Round 09/05/13 San Francisco
Flywheel Garners $14,800,000 Series B Funding 07/31/13 San Francisco
Swipely Swipes $12M More to Advance “Operating System for Local Commerce” 05/21/13 Boston
Swipely Lands $12,000,000 Series B Financing 05/21/13 Boston
Apptio Receives $45,000,000 Series E Funding Round 05/17/13 Seattle
Ouya Receives $15,000,000 New Financing Round 05/09/13 San Diego
Poppin Obtains $11,100,000 Series B Financing Round 05/03/13 New York
VoloMetrix Receives $3,300,000 Series A Funding 04/24/13 Seattle
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