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Entry Author Date Location
Expedia Buys Austin’s HomeAway for $3.9B 11/04/15 Texas
Comfy’s Bill-Splitting App for Roommates Garners $1.25M Series A 09/10/15 Texas
Boston Considering New Regulations for Airbnb, Similar Sites 08/20/14 Boston
Apartment Website Abodo Snags 4490 Ventures’ First Investment 07/30/14 Wisconsin
MA Warns Ride-Sharing, Car-Sharing Drivers of Insurance Risks 06/26/14 Boston
Zumper Aims to Take the Pain Out of Renting, If Not the High Prices 03/17/14 San Francisco
FlightCar Opens in LA—Hear CEO at Xconomy’s Hardtech Event 12/9 11/13/13 Boston
FlightCar Hopes Car Owners Will Rent Their Ride for Monthly Checks 08/05/13 Boston
Massive $112 Million Venture Round Pumps Up Expectations for Airbnb 07/25/11 San Francisco
RentJuice Seeks to Help Landlords and Brokers Get Serious About the Web, Like Consumers Already Are 07/07/11 San Francisco
Northwest Entrepreneur Network Showcases Startups in Health Care, Software, Clean Power, Apparel, & Plenty More 04/13/11 Seattle
RentJuice Gets Kahoots 03/03/11 Boston
BookRenter Takes In $40M, Seeks to Overtake Chegg in College Textbook Rentals 02/23/11 San Francisco
ExtendMedia Extends Movie Downloads to Canada 05/22/08 Boston
Social Movie Rentals Premiere at Lycos; Chat Room Has Everything But the Popcorn 05/05/08 Boston
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