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GSN Digital Adds Ex-Zynga Exec to Amp Up Mobile, SF Presence 10/03/12 Boston
PopCap Lays Off 50, May Have to Close Irish Office 08/21/12 Seattle
Mobile Madness, Windows Phone, Clarisonic: Wrapping up Seattle Tech Headlines 11/16/11 Seattle
PopCap Survey: Social Gamers Warming Up to Digital Goods 11/14/11 Seattle
Gates at UW, PopCap’s Mobile Guru, Redfin’s Millions: Wrapping up Seattle Tech Headlines 11/01/11 Seattle
PopCap Mobile Chief Giordano Contestabile: Games as a Service Transform the Industry 10/31/11 Seattle
PopCap’s Sale to EA, Intellectual Ventures’ Legal Battle, Frank Artale’s Insights: Your 1-Minute Week in Seattle Tech News 07/19/11 Seattle
Happy Cloud Hits the Mainstream, Tries to Make PC Video Games Faster to Download and Play 07/18/11 Boston
EA Buys PopCap Games for up to $1.3B, Says Seattle Company Will Keep Doing its Thing 07/12/11 Seattle
Electronic Arts Acquires PopCap Games for $750,000,000 07/12/11 Seattle
PopCap on the Block, Cloud Deals Aplenty, VC Anxiety, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 06/28/11 Seattle
PopCap’s Big Moment: Acquisition or IPO, with Pitfalls and Promise Either Way 06/24/11 Seattle
PopCap Games, Previously Talking Plenty About an IPO, Now Subject of $1B Buyout Report 06/22/11 Seattle
Amazon, PopCap Strike Deal 05/16/11 Seattle
UW Business Competition Highlights, ExtraHop’s $14M Haul, PopCap’s Acquisition, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 05/03/11 Seattle
Life360, IndieGoGo, and KQED’s Bold Experiment: The 1-Minute Version of Last Week’s Bay Area BizTech News 05/02/11 San Francisco
PopCap Purchases ZipZapPlay 04/29/11 Seattle
Nick Hanauer and Rich Barton Start New Social Gaming Company “King of the Web” 10/06/10 Seattle
Are Casual Games Dead? Viximo and Z2Live Founders Weigh In Coast-to-Coast on Social Gaming Movement 08/13/10 Boston
GameHouse Unveils Social Gaming 05/04/10 Seattle
PopCap, Photobucket on Windows Phones 03/15/10 Seattle
How to Win the Future of Social Mobile Gaming: The Z2Live Story 02/17/10 Seattle
PopCap Releases Chuzzle on iPhone 12/08/09 Seattle
Seattle Game Developers and Startups Go Social and Mobile, As Industry Shifts 11/24/09 Seattle
Where Are the Software Deals? WA Firms Raised $70M in October, Mostly in Healthcare, Gaming 11/10/09 Seattle
Amazon Invests in Engine Yard, PopCap Raises $22.5M, Omeros Goes Public, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 10/14/09 Seattle
PopCap Games Raises $22.5M in First Outside Funding Round 10/06/09 Seattle
A Recap of Penny Arcade Expo: The Ultimate Destination for Gaming Fans 09/08/09 Seattle
Gates, Ballmer Head List of Obama Donors 12/30/08 Seattle
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