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Seattle Genetics Sees Updated Side Effect Warning in Drug Label 01/13/12 Seattle
Biogen Aims to Reduce PML Risk 12/22/10 Boston
Tysabri’s PML Count Climbs to 28, and Some Reflections From Biogen Idec’s Departing CEO 01/06/10 Boston
Tysabri, the MS Drug Haunted by Deadly Side Effect, Doesn’t Look So Deadly Anymore 11/19/09 Boston
Biogen Shares Drop as Tysabri PML Cases Climb to 23, Europe May Seek Drug ‘Holiday’ 10/23/09 Boston
Tysabri’s Tally of PML Cases Reaches 13 09/17/09 Boston
Biogen Gets Int’l Rights to Acorda’s MS Drug 07/01/09 Boston
Biogen Reports 10th PML Case in Tysabri Patient 06/29/09 Boston
Biogen Idec To Show Off MS Drugs at Seattle Neurology Meeting 04/24/09 Boston
Tysabri Patient Dies of Brain Infection, First Death Since Drug Re-Introduced 12/19/08 Boston
Tysabri Patient Diagnosed With PML 12/15/08 Boston
Tysabri: The Big Multiple Sclerosis Drug That Emerged From “The Hutch” 11/04/08 Seattle
Biogen Idec, Elan’s Tysabri Linked to First U.S. Case of Brain Infection 10/29/08 Boston
Biogen Turns Down Dying Patient’s Request For Tysabri—and Explains Why 10/14/08 Boston
Biogen Idec, Elan Start First Cancer Trial With Tysabri 09/05/08 Boston
FDA Doesn’t Appear Overly Alarmed by Recent Cases of Brain Disease Associated With Tysabri; Working with Biogen Idec and Elan to Update Labeling 08/26/08 Boston
Taligen CEO Aims to Develop Drugs For Inflammatory Diseases, Build Company in Cambridge 08/14/08 Boston
Icahn Ups Biogen Idec Stake to 6 Percent—Bought Big on Tysabri Woes 08/12/08 Boston
Biogen Idec, Elan Shares Plummet on News of Two PML Cases With Tysabri 08/01/08 Boston
Biogen Idec, Elan Report Two New Cases of Rare Brain Infection in Tysabri Patients 07/31/08 Boston
Biogen Idec, Elan Say More Than 31,800 Patients Taking Tysabri For MS 07/22/08 Boston
Genzyme Reaching For a Slice From Biogen’s Breadbasket, Multiple Sclerosis Drugs 07/17/08 Boston
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