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Entry Author Date Location
Around the World with Nathan Myhrvold (and His Camera) 07/23/08 Seattle
Zink’s Mobile Photo Printer Hits Stores This Weekend 07/02/08 Boston
Combating the “CSI Effect”: Boston’s Salient Stills Extracts Evidence from Grainy Surveillance Video 06/16/08 Boston
Megapixels, Shmegapixels: How to Make Great GIGAPIXEL Images With Your Humble Digital Camera 06/06/08 Boston
Science Below the Surface 05/23/08 Boston
On EveryScape, Your Memo Marks the Spot 05/13/08 Boston
Skyhook and Eye-Fi Hook Up to Automatically Geotag Your Photos 05/12/08 Boston
Picture Grows by $3 Million at Frame Media 05/07/08 Boston
Turn Your HDTV into a Digital Art Canvas 04/25/08 Boston
Two Local Startups Launch Mobile Photo-sharing Networks for the Masses 04/09/08 Boston
Reinventing Our Visual World, Pixel By Pixel 04/04/08 Boston
New $7 Million Funding Round Will Help EveryScape Add Scope to Its Scape 03/05/08 Boston
Skyhook and Locr Collaborate on Easier Geotagging for Digital Photos 02/28/08 Boston
Zink Debuts Inkless Printing at CES—The Technology That Might Have Saved Polaroid 01/07/08 Boston
$2 Million Round for Frame Media 11/08/07 Boston
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