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Xconomy Seattle’s Top 12 Life Sciences Stories of the Year 12/28/11 Seattle
The Year in Seattle Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Health IT 12/23/11 Seattle
UW Spinoff Cardiac Insight Looks to Spot Common Cause of Stroke with Stick-On Device 11/02/11 Seattle
Amgen Cuts 70 Washington Jobs, Hutch Spins Off Blaze Bioscience, Henney Enters the Hall, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 10/20/11 Seattle
Pathway Medical’s Future in Seattle Uncertain as Bayer’s Medrad Lets Lease Option Expire 10/13/11 Seattle
Thong Le Named New Chairman of WBBA, Replacing Tom Clement 10/07/11 Seattle
Medrad Acquires Pathway Medical Technologies for Undisclosed Sum 09/01/11 Seattle
Seattle Genetics’ Market Debut, Pathway Gets Bought, Theraclone’s Latest Trick Against HIV, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 08/25/11 Seattle
Exclusive: Pathway Medical Technologies To Be Acquired by Bayer’s Medrad Unit for $125M 08/19/11 Seattle
ASCO Wrap-Up, Pathway Medical Grinds It Out, Gates Foundation’s New Digs, & More in Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 06/09/11 Seattle
Pathway Medical Grinds It Out, Seeks Profit Formula, Three Years After FDA Approval 06/08/11 Seattle
Mirador Biomedical, Playing ‘Small Ball’ in Medical Devices, Pockets $1.5M Financing 04/13/11 Seattle
The Buzz From the Zino Life Sciences Forum 03/09/11 Seattle
PhaseRx Angles for a Deal, Tom Clement’s New Device Gig(s), InDi’s Alzheimer’s Plan, & More in the Life Science Innovation Northwest Wrap-Up 03/04/11 Seattle
Uptake Medical Ups and Goes to the O.C., Retains Technical Center in Seattle 01/31/11 Seattle
Uncle Sam Hearts Drugs, Not Devices. Why? 01/31/11 National
Washington Startups Bring in $51.7M in September, Healthcare, Internet, and Software Sectors Lead in Deals 10/28/10 Seattle
Countdown to VC Crossfire: Get Ready for Sparks to Fly on Thursday 10/26/10 Seattle
Four Big Cardiovascular Trends to Watch at this Week’s Medical Device Gathering—TCT 2010 09/20/10 San Francisco
Mirador Biomedical Seeks to Prevent Hospital Errors with Simple Digital Sensor 07/20/10 Seattle
Biotech Must Have Predictable Regs, More Capital, More Talented Workers to Thrive 06/23/10 Seattle
Amazon, Cozi, Pathway, Talyst, and VholdR Among Winners at WTIA Awards Bash 03/05/10 Seattle
Cell Therapeutics Panel Stalled, Medical Device Angels Band Together, Calypso Cuts Side Effects, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 02/18/10 Seattle
Medical Device Entrepreneurs Converge on Wings, a New Angel Investing Network 02/16/10 Seattle
Accelerator Slowed Down, Inside the Latest Seattle Genetics Deal, Ekos Finds New Use, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/28/10 Seattle
UW Adds Heavy Hitters from High Tech and Biotech to Turn More Ideas Into Companies 01/25/10 Seattle
Dendreon Nails Down $409M, Stewart Parker Gets Itch to Return, Seattle Genetics Finds New Partner, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 12/17/09 Seattle
Pathway Device Wins EU Approval 12/14/09 Seattle
Pathway Founder Gets Startup Itch, Ekos Endures Tough Year, EndoGastric Bags $21.5M, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 12/03/09 Seattle
Rested and Ready, Pathway Medical Founder Scouts UW, Gets Itch to Start Something New 12/02/09 Seattle
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