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Entry Author Date Location
Your Call Is Important: AI-Based Analytics Come to the Call Center 08/08/17 Texas
Accel, GV-backed Sense Raises $10M To Keep “Gig Workers” On Board 06/21/17 San Francisco
What Is Causing Startups to Go Bankrupt? 12/20/16 San Francisco
Experfy Expands Data Science For Hire With $1.5M Seed Round 06/04/15 Boston
Innovation Hub: The American Economy Is in Better Shape Than Ever 07/03/14 National
Smart Tech Spending for Startups 03/18/13 New York
Crowdsourced Workforces Rising 03/13/13 San Francisco
Unless You Are Awesome, You Will Be Outsourced 10/05/11 San Francisco
Varolii Rolls up $8M to Grow Communications Biz After Surviving the Great Recession 07/26/11 Seattle
Concur Stakes a Bigger Claim in India with Cleartrip Investment, New International Office 04/18/11 Seattle
Varolii’s new CEO: Ex-Microsoftie 03/22/11 Boston
ODesk Charts the Future of Distributed Work 02/15/11 San Francisco
Cal-Comp Buys Spectragraphics 09/30/10 San Diego
Helicopter Lasers, Health Record Exchange, and Rick Snyder’s Past—A Michigan Roundup 09/08/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
San Diego Founder Kenneth Selzer, Investor Drew Senyei Pleased with INC Research Acquisition 08/26/10 San Diego
$5.1M for Cloudcrowd 08/17/10 San Francisco
Blue Cod Tech Catches $8M 08/04/10 Boston
Earth Class Mail CEO Sarah Carr on the Revamped Business Model and What Had to Change in Her First 10 Months 07/07/10 Seattle
Facing Job Exodus, San Diego IT Execs Launch Council on Globalization and Competitiveness 03/24/10 San Diego
ModusLink Gets Tech For Less 12/07/09 Boston
MadCap Offers a Lesson in Bootstrapping, and a Case Study on Offshoring 06/09/09 San Diego
Future of Cloud Computing: Data Centers, Outsourcing, and the Power of Cultures 06/03/09 Seattle
Small Businesses Will Inherit the Earth 05/06/09 Seattle
Take a Deep Breath, Collect Cash: Zendesk Wins Venture Financing for Help-Desk Software 05/06/09 Boston
Biotech CEOs Discuss the Virtues of Going Virtual 03/26/09 San Diego
Digini Merges With Vyk Games 02/18/09 Seattle
PivotLink Lands $10M, Founder’s Funds Frugal, Earth Class Mail Signs Swiss Post, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 02/17/09 Seattle
Smartsheet Teams Up With Amazon 02/12/09 Seattle
Smartsheet Raises $1.25M from Madrona Venture Group, Others 01/14/09 Seattle
Outsourced Chemistry Shop, BioBlocks, Sees Growth in San Diego and Hungary 12/23/08 San Diego
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