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Nuclear Waste Reactor Startup Transatomic Power Adds $2.5M 02/10/15 Boston
How the Fukushima Disaster Made a Name for Nuke Startup Kurion 09/05/14 Boston
How to Fund an Atomic Startup 08/21/14 National
Nuclear Startup Transatomic Power Lands $2M From Founders Fund 08/05/14 Boston
General Fusion Adds $19.5M 05/05/11 Seattle
Intellectual Ventures: Troubled Japan Plant’s Technology is Like a Model T Compared to TerraPower’s Next-Gen Nuclear Systems 03/16/11 Seattle
Top 4 Cleantech Headlines to Watch for in 2011 01/10/11 Seattle
DevonWay Raises $7M 12/22/10 San Francisco
Cap-and-Trade May Be Wounded, But The Low Carbon Economy is Still Healthy 11/05/10 Seattle
Bill Warner, Bill Taylor, and Diverse Mix of Startups Highlight “Big Tech Ideas” Roster on Dec. 8 11/05/10 Boston
Lots of Energy on Tap at MIT Energy Night 10/19/09 Boston
General Fusion, Developer of Novel Nuclear Fusion Method, Raises $9M in Venture Financing 07/24/09 Seattle
A Who’s Who of Geeking Out at Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures 09/03/08 Seattle
Finding That Nuclear Needle in a Vast Cargo Haystack 09/26/07 Boston
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