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Entry Author Date Location
Sonus CEO Nottenburg Leaving 05/20/10 Boston
Camiant Acquired for $130 Million 05/06/10 Boston
Cowboys Like Us: Investor Nick Hanauer on How to Think About Breakthroughs in Business and Society (Part 1) 03/29/10 Seattle
How to Build a Profitable IT Company: Three Questions with Laplink CEO Thomas Koll 03/08/10 Seattle
Napera Networks Evolves, Moves Into Purely Cloud-Based IT Security 03/01/10 Seattle
Seattle Applying for Google Fiber Network 02/11/10 Seattle
Voyager Capital’s Daniel Ahn on the Firm’s Refocused Clean-IT Strategy 02/08/10 Seattle
How Fast Is Your Cloud Connection? Apparent Networks Can Tell You 11/18/09 Boston
Qualcomm’s Lauer Outlines Efforts to Ease Network Bottlenecks at Wireless Conference 11/11/09 San Diego
Clearwire to Get $1.5B More, Report Says 11/09/09 Seattle
Arbor Networks Reports on the Rise of the Internet “Hyper Giants” 10/20/09 Boston
Amazon Invests in Engine Yard, PopCap Raises $22.5M, Omeros Goes Public, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 10/14/09 Seattle
Amazon Rolls Out Private Clouds 08/26/09 Seattle
Verizon Tests 4G Network in Seattle, Boston 08/14/09 Seattle
Data Domain Founder, Kai Li, on EMC Acquisition and the Future of Data Storage 07/09/09 Seattle
Urbanspoon Exits, Likewise Lands $10M, Zymo Licenses Drugs to Startup, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 05/05/09 Seattle
Qualcomm May Slow Verizon’s LTE Rollout 04/06/09 San Diego
Sun, Exide Lay Off Staff 04/01/09 Seattle
Got $10M? Seattle Chapter of Tiger 21 May Be For You (Part 1) 12/12/08 Seattle
ExtraHop Jumps Out of Stealth 12/08/08 Seattle
Personal Robots, Home Sensing, Private Networks, and More from Intel Research Seattle’s Open House 10/02/08 Seattle
Daily TIPs: Mobile Fish Farms, Cars of the Candidates, Eureka Grants, & More 09/04/08 National
Fluke Networks Acquires Intellectual Property of Viola 08/19/08 Seattle
Cisco To Buy Pure Networks for $120 Million 07/23/08 Seattle
Courion Automates Computer Access To Keep Data Where It’s Supposed to Be 07/11/08 Boston
Making Personal Health Networking as Easy as a Book Club: Former Amazon Exec Launches Online Healthcare Site 06/16/08 Seattle
$8 Million More for Bradford Networks 06/05/08 Boston
Microsoft Boosts Kerberos Consortium 03/31/08 Boston
Covergence Collects $15 Million 11/26/07 Boston
Cars Gone Wild: Acton Company Looks Beyond Cable, Puts Automotive Video on Internet, Mobile Phones 10/02/07 Boston
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