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EnerG2 Wins $21.3M in Stimulus Funding to Build Ultracapacitor Materials Plant in Oregon 08/05/09 Seattle
Solar Startup LivinGreen Looks to Power Even Rainy Cities 08/05/09 Seattle
Living in a Material World: The New Information Technology 08/04/09 Seattle
WTC Awards $375K to UW, WSU 07/01/09 Seattle
Xconomy HQ is Bursting at the Seams; Xconomy’s Pages Won’t Be Quite as Full as Usual 06/25/09 National
XSITE Agenda Complete: Speakers and Organizations Come From All Corners of The New England Innovation Ecosystem 06/17/09 Boston
$136K for Washington Technology Center 06/12/09 Seattle
Facebook Funds Seattle Startups, 1000 Markets Gets Seed Financing, Modumetal Closes Equity Round, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/02/09 Seattle
Modumetal Raises $1.5M-Plus from Alliance of Angels, Second Avenue, WRF Capital 05/29/09 Seattle
Modumetal, UW Get Grant from WTC 05/20/09 Seattle
Today’s XSITEing News: Beer and Prizes 05/19/09 Boston
Nano-Terra Envisions Moneymaking Nanotech Ideas for Batteries, Kitty Litter, & More 04/09/09 Boston
UW Energy Talks Dive Deep into Boeing Biofuels, Smart Grid Savings, and Solar Cells 03/19/09 Seattle
Alliance of Angels Releases 2008 Stats 02/27/09 Seattle
EMC Buys SourceLabs, Qwell Raises $7M, Microsoft Layoff Rumors Rebuffed (For Now), & More Seattle-Area Deals News 01/06/09 Seattle
FEI Buys Intellection for $2.8M 01/05/09 Seattle
Electricity Economy Expert Jesse Berst Weighs In on EnerG2 Startup 11/18/08 Seattle
EnerG2, Backed by OVP and Firelake, Wants to Own Energy Storage in the Electricity Economy 11/18/08 Seattle
Kashless Cashes In, InEnTec Gets $150M, EnerG2 Energized by Venture Investment, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 11/04/08 Seattle
EnerG2, a University of Washington Startup, Raises $8.5M for Energy Storage, Led by OVP 11/03/08 Seattle
Pangaea Ventures Closes $32M Fund 08/05/08 Seattle
Modumetal Grows Nanotech Metals for Military, Aiming To Make Parts For Your Car 07/31/08 Seattle
Daily TIPs: Will Wi-Fi Rule?, Blogging from the Top, Nanotech Safety, & More 07/30/08 National
Neopad Tech Raises $14 Million 06/30/08 Seattle
$37 Million for Nanotech Insulation, $25 Million for ImmunoGen, $325 Million for Evergreen Solar, & More Deals News 06/30/08 Boston
Daily TIPs: Tech Czar, Nanoparticles, Hackers, & More 06/27/08 National
Aspen Aerogels Scores $37 Million Venture Round For Nanotech Insulation 06/25/08 Boston
AmberWave Buys Aonex for $7.95M 05/08/08 Boston
Startup Seals Deal With MIT on Wound-Sealing, Self-Assembling, Nanoscale Technology 04/25/08 Boston
Nanocomp Wins Air Force Grant to Make Carbon-Nanotube Wiring for Aircraft 03/26/08 Boston
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