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Nano Terra Obtains $6,388,098 New Financing Round 10/23/14 Boston
Nano Terra Lands $2,300,069 New Round 04/26/11 Boston
Kadmon Pharmaceuticals and Nano Terra Form Joint Venture 04/25/11 New York
Aveo Adds Termeer to Board, Monsanto Partners With Atlas, Biogen Drug Meets Clinical Goal, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 04/15/11 Boston
Google-ITA Acquisition Advances, Nano Terra Buys Surface Logix, Blueprint Medicines Gets $40M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 04/13/11 Boston
Nano Terra Acquires Surface Logix 04/12/11 Boston
BG Medicine Eyes $70M IPO, Nano-Terra Picks Up $17.2M, Rive Technology Raises $25M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 12/15/10 Boston
Nano-Terra Obtains $17,227,966 New Funding Round 12/14/10 Boston
Merck and Roche Back Adimab, Viral Contamination Closes Genzyme Plant, Interlace Ties on $20.5M, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 06/17/09 Boston
Flagship Ventures Taps Carbeck to Work on Hush-Hush Startup Project 06/15/09 Boston
Biogen Idec Rebuts Icahn Attack, GlaxoSmithKline Quietly Spins Off Tempero Pharmaceuticals, Knome Launches Cheaper Sequencing Service, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 05/20/09 Boston
Arsenal Medical CTO Jeff Carbeck on His Secretive Startup, Attractions of Clean Energy Sector 05/14/09 Boston
Nano-Terra Envisions Moneymaking Nanotech Ideas for Batteries, Kitty Litter, & More 04/09/09 Boston
Lilliputian Discovers $25M, Biovex Bags $40M, Clinical Data Cedes Cogenics to Beckman Coulter for $17M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 04/06/09 Boston
Nano-Terra in Water Treatment Deal 04/01/09 Boston
Carmichael Roberts Brings Scientific Expertise to North Bridge Venture Partners, Launching New Startup 03/16/09 Boston
New Biotech Biz Models (and the Tested Bob Langer-Terry McGuire Approach) Emerge at Xconomy Forum 09/25/08 Boston
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