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Entry Author Date Location
Wii Game, Graphic Novel Help PixoFactor Digitize and Monetize Michigan’s Film Incentive 07/19/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
MSpot Challenges Netflix with New Movie-Streaming App for iPad 07/13/10 San Francisco
BuddyTV, Flixster Join Forces 06/24/10 Seattle
TechTown, Unity Studios Will Partner to Produce Michigan-Based Film Crews 05/27/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
With “Murder on Beacon Hill,” an iPhone App Debuts at Boston Film Festival 04/08/10 Boston
Poole, Gerrity Join MOD Squad 03/01/10 Seattle
Alibris Acquires Monsoon 02/23/10 Seattle
GenArts Bringing Boston to Special Effects Fore with Tinder Purchase from Britain’s The Foundry 02/16/10 Boston
Put Yourself On the Map, Build a Virtual House: Seven Projects to Stretch Your Digital Wings, Part Three 09/18/09 National
Microsoft Researchers Present Next-Gen Graphics and Software Tools at SIGGRAPH 08/06/09 Seattle
Boston’s Digital Entertainment Economy Begins to Sense Its Own Strength 06/19/09 National
Prepared Response Raises $6.3M, Cell Therapeutics Loses Debt, RealNetworks Gets Into Netbooks, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 06/09/09 Seattle
MOD Systems to Sell Music, Movies Without DRM in Retail Stores 06/08/09 Seattle
GenArts Inks Major Visual Effects Software Deal with Lucasfilm 06/08/09 Boston
Are You a Victim of On Demand Disorder? 06/05/09 National
MOD Systems Places Two Top Execs on Leave After Fraud Allegations 04/07/09 Seattle
MOD Fraud? Investor’s Lawsuit Alleges Blatant Misuse of Funds by CEO 02/23/09 Seattle
GenArts Acquires SpeedSix 01/20/09 Boston
MOD Signs Movie Deals, Demos Downloads 01/08/09 Seattle
MOD Systems Scores $35M Equity Investment from Toshiba, NCR, Others 09/25/08 Seattle
ExtendMedia Extends Movie Downloads to Canada 05/22/08 Boston
Social Movie Rentals Premiere at Lycos; Chat Room Has Everything But the Popcorn 05/05/08 Boston
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