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Marginized No More: Nextly Wants to Be Your Guide to Web Content 10/24/13 Boston
Marginize Garners $309,994 New Funding 12/03/12 Boston
Marginize Lands $1,318,540 New Funding Round 11/22/11 Boston
XSITE 2011: The Entrepreneurship Era. The Day in Pictures 06/21/11 Boston
Do You Really Need an Incubator? Join the Debate at XSITE on June 16 05/11/11 Boston
Ruckus Solves 3G Headaches, StumbleUpon Vies with Facebook, Woz Misspeaks, & More Bay Area Biztech News 11/29/10 San Francisco
Xconomy Adds Marginize Widget for Social Conversations; Check In for a Chance to Win a Free Event Ticket 11/23/10 National
10 Takeaways from MassTLC’s UnConference 10/15/10 Boston
Worry About Customers, Not Financing or Exits, Says Angel Investor Joe Caruso 09/07/10 Boston
IBM Buys Unica, A123 Spinout Raises $10M, Zynga Acquires Conduit, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/18/10 Boston
Marginize, a TechStars Firm, Raises $650K to Show What People Are Saying About Websites 08/11/10 Boston
Marginize Lands $550,000 New Funding 07/01/10 Boston
Metcalfe Says Gore Is Back for Another Bubble, Fitton Likens Raising Angel Funding to Dating, Xconomy CEO Sings New England’s Praises (Literally), and More XSITE 2010 Highlights 06/21/10 Boston
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