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ZoomAtlas—Helping You Reconnect With Friends from The Old Neighborhood 11/16/09 Boston
Boston’s Faneuil Hall Is a Finalist for Google Street View Visit—Vote Now, Then Meet Trike Builder Dan Ratner 11/12/09 Boston
Need to Catch Up With Digital Natives? Check These Seven Projects to Spread Your Digital Wings 09/18/09 Boston
Put Yourself On the Map, Build a Virtual House: Seven Projects to Stretch Your Digital Wings, Part Three 09/18/09 National
ULocate Releases Traffic App 09/14/09 Boston
MBTA Data Helps Google Users Get Around Boston 07/30/09 Boston
Specialized Capabilities Put San Diego on the Geospatial Map 06/16/09 San Diego
ULocate Launches Where on Palm Pre 06/08/09 Boston
$910K Debt Deal for MetaCarta 05/12/09 Boston
uLocate Launches Where on Android 02/25/09 Boston
MacTrak Posts Laptop Thieves’ Photos, Locations to Flickr 11/12/08 Seattle
Symbian OS Gets Skyhook Location System 10/21/08 Boston
MetaCarta Rolls Out Geo-Search Platform 09/29/08 Boston
Netezza Finds Its Way with Spatial Data 09/16/08 Boston
Skyhook Gets Neighborhood Data from Urban Mapping 08/18/08 Boston
On EveryScape, Your Memo Marks the Spot 05/13/08 Boston
Skyhook and Eye-Fi Hook Up to Automatically Geotag Your Photos 05/12/08 Boston
Tapping TV Signals: Charles River Adds to Investment in Rosum 04/16/08 Boston
Povo Lets Residents Say What’s Best and Worst About Boston, Block by Block 03/31/08 Boston
Mapping the News with MetaCarta 03/25/08 Boston
Skyhook’s MyLoki Bypasses GPS, Makes Location Part of Your Online Persona 03/12/08 Boston
New $7 Million Funding Round Will Help EveryScape Add Scope to Its Scape 03/05/08 Boston
Skyhook and Locr Collaborate on Easier Geotagging for Digital Photos 02/28/08 Boston
Mapping CleanTech Startups 02/26/08 Boston
ULocate’s “Buddy Beacon” Spreads to More Phones; Wherever You Go, Your Friends Will Know 02/14/08 Boston
Kendall Square Gets a GYM Membership: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft 02/13/08 Boston
IRobot Turns Packbot Into Roving Mapmaker 12/13/07 Boston
Where Do You Want to Go Today? uLocate Can Help You Decide 11/02/07 Boston
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