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Entry Author Date Location
Kateeva Obtains $88,000,000 Series E Financing 05/20/16 San Francisco
View Lands $150,000,000 New Financing Round 08/13/15 San Francisco
View Lands $100,000,000 New Financing 01/07/14 San Francisco
Achates Power Refuels with $35M for Cleaner, Fuel-Efficient Engine 10/09/13 San Diego
Achates Power Receives $35,200,000 Series C Funding 10/09/13 San Diego
Achates Claims Huge Gains in Fuel Efficiency of Opposed-Piston Design 01/17/13 San Diego
SunRun Garners $60,000,000 New Round 05/23/12 San Francisco
AVOS Systems Garners Series A Funding Round 04/30/12 San Francisco
Achates Power Cites “Huge” Improvement in Diesel Fuel Savings, Emissions 11/01/11 San Diego
Strava Obtains $12,600,000 Series B Funding 07/27/11 San Francisco
Strava Rides to $12.6M 07/26/11 San Francisco
Enphase Energy Receives $40,000,000 New Financing 03/30/10 San Francisco
Achates Power Receives $7,075,000 Series B Financing Round 01/08/10 San Diego
Achates Power Raises $12.1M in Venture Capital to Develop Cleaner, More Efficient Engine 10/05/09 San Diego
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