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The Extraordinary Vision of Larry Bock 06/23/15 San Diego
Cellular Dynamics Gets Into Regenerative Medicine With Eye Cell Deal 10/27/14 Wisconsin
U-M Spinout OcuSciences Is Medical Main Street Innovator of the Year 10/16/14 Detroit Ann Arbor
The Biotech IPO Scorecard: Who’s Up, Who’s Down in 2013 06/03/13 National
Potential Treatment for Degenerative Eye Diseases Developed at Wayne State 12/22/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Regeneron Debuts Eye Drug, as Rivals Race to Grab Share of Hot Market 12/01/11 New York
Regeneron Wins FDA Approval of Drug for Leading Cause of Blindness in Elderly 11/18/11 New York
RetroSense Therapeutics Licenses Vision Restoration Technology From Wayne State 11/01/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Regeneron’s AMD Drug Gets Priority Review With FDA 04/18/11 New York
ReVision Planning Late-Stage Trial Next Year for Macular Degeneration Drug 10/18/10 San Diego
San Diego’s ReVision Therapeutics, Founded in April, Takes on Development of Drug Candidate for Age-Related Blindness 08/31/10 San Diego
Taligen Collects $10M For Focus on Rare Diseases 08/23/10 Boston
Valocor Therapeutics, a QLT Spinoff, Envisions Safe Anti-Acne Drug and More 05/26/10 Seattle
Acucela Gets FDA Fast Track 03/17/10 Seattle
Sequenom Gets Rights to Genetic Test for Vision Disorder 02/09/10 San Diego
Dendreon’s New Operations Man, Acucela Enters Fast Growth Phase, JP Morgan Recap, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/21/10 Seattle
Acucela Enters Fast-Growth Phase As Macular Degeneration Drug Advances to Key Trial 01/20/10 Seattle
Top Five Biotech Innovations of the 2000s 12/31/09 San Diego
Lpath, a Developer of Lipid-Targeting Drugs, Nears a Fork in the Road 06/17/09 San Diego
Dendreon’s Hiring Binge, Calistoga’s Venture Round, ZymoGenetics Unloads Drugs, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 05/07/09 Seattle
Acucela Drug for Macular Degeneration Passes Early Safety Test 05/06/09 Seattle
Genzyme Gene Therapy Fails To Help People with Leg Disease Walk Longer 03/31/09 Boston
Sticking to its Guns with Gene Therapy, Genzyme To Present Key Findings Within Days 03/25/09 Boston
Acucela Strikes Deal With Otsuka Pharmaceutical to Develop Drug for Eye Disease 09/04/08 Seattle
Taligen CEO Aims to Develop Drugs For Inflammatory Diseases, Build Company in Cambridge 08/14/08 Boston
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