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615 Human Genomes? Another Cheap, Fast Sequencing Machine? Complete Genomics, Illumina Steal Show at Healthcare Meeting 01/12/11 National
On-Q-ity Strikes Deal With LabCorp To Help Researchers Spot Rare Tumor Cells 01/10/11 Boston
Life Technologies Debuts Ion Torrent Machine, Next Big Bet on Fast, Cheap Sequencing 12/14/10 San Diego
Fluidigm, Maker of Genomic Tools, Takes Second Crack at IPO, Hoping for Less Drama 12/14/10 San Francisco
NanoString Scoops Up Breast Cancer Technology, Pushes Ahead in Diagnostics 12/06/10 Seattle
How To Keep Academic/Big Pharma Alliances from Going off the Rails 11/30/10 San Diego
Helicos Delisted from Nasdaq 11/16/10 Boston
PacBio’s $200M IPO, Ablexis’ 5-Way Big Pharma Deal, Codexis Morphs Into $100M Business, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 10/29/10 San Francisco
PacBio IPO, Not Exactly the Netscape Moment of 2010, But a Win for Genomics 10/28/10 San Francisco
Study Shows Startup Executive Pay on the Mend 10/20/10 National
Exelixis Gets $60M from Bristol, Genentech Surpasses Original Herceptin, Synosia Pockets $30M, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 10/15/10 San Francisco
The Personalized Medicine Opportunity–Shifting the Business to Regulated Markets 09/10/10 San Francisco
ZymoGenetics Reaches the End, Stratos Genomics Nabs $4M, Children’s New Ventilator, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 09/09/10 Seattle
Helicos Files Suit Against PacBio 09/08/10 Boston
Illumina Acquires Helixis for Up to $105M, To Get Small, Low-Cost Genetic Analysis Tool 07/27/10 San Diego
NanoString Hires Genzyme Vet as CEO to Lead Foray Into Molecular Diagnostics 06/29/10 Seattle
Seattle Sensor Systems Loses New CEO Who Stirred Buzz at Zino Society, Technology Alliance 06/24/10 Seattle
Three Ways to Create a More Sustainable Future for Biotechnology 06/16/10 San Francisco
Seattle Sensor Systems, Reborn in Twist of Fate, Spots Food Pathogens with a Little Box 06/02/10 Seattle
T2 Biosystems Nails Down $15M For Portable Diagnostic with the Punch of a Desktop 05/25/10 Boston
CombiMatrix Cuts Mukilteo Facility, CEO Resigns, Shifts to Diagnostic Strategy 04/19/10 Seattle
NanoString Unveils MicroRNA Kit 04/19/10 Seattle
Illumina CEO Jay Flatley on How to Keep an Edge in the Fast-Paced World of Gene Sequencing 04/06/10 San Diego
Ion Torrent Systems Unveils New Gene Machine, Introducing Watson to Moore’s Law 03/02/10 National
Report: Thermo Fisher Bids to Take Over Millipore 02/22/10 Boston
Nova Analytics Sale to ITT Provides “Very Good” Outcome for Battery Ventures 02/17/10 Boston
What Will San Diego’s Biotech Hub Look Like in 20 Years? Xconomy Event Takes Long View 02/16/10 San Diego
Helicos President Resigns 02/12/10 Boston
Helixis, Like PC Firms of Old, Putting “Desktop” Genetics Tools on Every Biology Bench 01/25/10 San Diego
Genomic Advances of the 2000s Will Demand an Informatics Revolution in the 2010s 01/14/10 National
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