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Entry Author Date Location
DMI Diagnostic Device Wins Grand Prize in Nokia Sensing XPrize 11/10/14 San Diego
First Esri Climate Resilience App Challenge: Who’ll Start the Reign? 07/14/14 San Diego
Qualcomm Ventures’ QPrize Competition Draws Broader VC Following 04/02/13 San Diego
San Diego’s Qualcomm Embraces Experiment in Incentive Prizes 07/02/12 San Diego
Dental Implant Startup Wins Top Prize at UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge 06/12/12 San Diego
Qualcomm Offers Cash Prizes for Mobile Apps at Uplinq Hackathon 06/12/12 National
Nokia Joins X Prize in $2.25M Wireless Health “Sensing Challenge” 05/24/12 San Diego
Analytic Software Wins Janssen Prize to Reduce Hospital Readmissions 05/23/12 San Diego
San Diego BizTech Roundup: Qualcomm, Helix Wind, and ‘Skqueak’ 05/22/12 San Diego
Wireless Health Summit Showcases Incentive Prizes as Tool for Change 05/21/12 San Diego
J&J Group Awards 3 Finalists $50,000 Each for Gaps in Patient Care 04/10/12 San Diego
San Diego Tech Roundup: Qualcomm, TechStars, Apps Challenge & More 01/30/12 San Diego
J&J’s Janssen Launches $250,000 Challenge to Improve Transition Care 01/26/12 San Diego
Slain Biotech Investor Leaves $1 Million to Support Entrepreneurship 01/11/12 National
UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge Awards Top Honors to NeuroMap 06/16/11 San Diego
Qualcomm and the X Prize Foundation Move to Energize Diagnostics with $10M ‘Tricorder Prize’ 05/10/11 San Diego
West Wireless Health Institute Awards $10K Incentive Prize 04/13/11 San Diego
Enterproid Wins QPrize 02/28/11 San Diego
Qualcomm Announces AR Awards 02/15/11 San Diego
Qualcomm Ventures’ Kashyap Sees QPrize Drawing Better Entries, Especially Overseas 02/09/11 San Diego
Qualcomm Names 6 Finalists in Global QPrize Venture Financing Competition 01/31/11 San Diego
We Can Get There From Here: The Automotive X Prize Awards $10 Million to 3 Winners 09/16/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Qualcomm Renews, Expands QPrize for Early Stage Startups 09/15/10 San Diego
Institute Offers $10K for Mobile Health App 08/12/10 San Diego
California Startup Carmakers, Aptera and Zap, Finalists in Automotive X Prize 07/29/10 San Diego
Lindbergh Grandson Launches Incentive Prizes for Advances in Electric Aircraft and Green Aviation 03/19/10 San Diego
Qualcomm Plans to Repeat Global QPrize, With a Few Changes 12/21/09 San Diego
Qualcomm Takes on Network Bottlenecks, Google Buys Gizmo5, a Cluster of Analytics Startups Emerges, & More San Diego BizTech News 11/16/09 San Diego
Israeli Startup Wins Inaugural QPrize 11/12/09 San Diego
X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis Targets Breakthroughs With More Incentive Prizes 05/22/09 San Diego
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