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Entry Author Date Location
After Equifax: Should Tech Entrepreneurs Design the Next-Gen Credit Agency? 09/15/17 San Francisco
Jungle Disk Gets Additional Funding A Year After Rackspace Spinout 01/18/17 Texas
Jungle Disk CEO: After Machines Learn, Hacking Methods Will Evolve 12/16/16 Texas
Austin, TX’s Toopher Acquired By Cloud-Computing Giant Salesforce 04/01/15 Texas
Hatch Pitch Unveils Tech Startup Lineup for Upcoming SXSW Demo Day 02/11/15 Texas
Austin Identity Management Software Maker SailPoint Sets New Course 08/18/14 Texas
The Perfect Hacker Storm: CyberVor Was Lightning; Here Comes Thunder 08/12/14 Texas
San Diego’s Regulus Therapeutics Readies for IPO This Week 10/01/12 San Diego
San Diego’s ID Analytics Comes Full Circle in $120M Buyout 04/06/12 National
It’s a Lock: Arizona’s LifeLock Acquires San Diego’s ID Analytics 03/15/12 San Diego
Finsphere Adds $7.3M, Vodafone Ventures Board Member 01/20/12 Seattle
Man Charged With Fraud in Draining $7.5M From Angel Investor’s Account 06/22/10 San Diego
Four Northwest Startups Presenting at DEMO: A Sneak Preview 09/21/09 Seattle
ID Analytics Offers Consumers Free Online Check-Up for Identity Theft 05/18/09 San Diego
Take My Wallet, Just Leave My SSN! 05/06/09 San Diego
ProQuo’s Founding CEO Takes a Sabbatical to Teach at Cornell 05/01/09 San Diego
Intelius Scoops Up Spock 05/01/09 Seattle
Are You Who You Say You Are? Prove It 04/21/09 San Diego
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