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Entry Author Date Location
Slice Labs Lands $3,900,000 Seed Financing 03/30/16 New York
Wibbitz Sets Up NY HQ to Help More Publishers Turn Text Into Video 08/13/15 New York
Misfit, Pebble Partnership Brings Activity Tracking to Smartwatch 06/24/14 San Francisco
Filip Technologies, eGifter, & Simulmedia Get Cash for the Holidays 12/12/13 New York
Misfit Wearables Secures $15,200,000 New Funding Round 12/04/13 Boston
Invi Receives $3,000,000 New Financing 06/25/13 San Francisco
Tempo AI Receives $10,000,000 Series A Funding Round 06/21/13 San Francisco
Sensys Networks Obtains $8,500,000 New Financing Round 09/20/11 San Francisco
LedEngin Garners Series D Financing Round 07/19/10 San Francisco
Discera Lands $11,000,000 Series D Round 01/08/10 San Francisco
PINC Solutions Secures $3,085,000 New Funding 12/31/09 San Francisco
LedEngin Lands $6,013,000 New Financing 12/31/09 San Francisco
Chelsio Communications Obtains $17,000,000 New Financing 11/16/09 San Francisco
IngBoo Obtains $800,000 New Round 10/26/09 San Francisco
iWatt Garners $2,256,900 New Round 09/30/09 San Francisco
Gear6 Receives $4,000,000 Series A Round 09/14/09 San Francisco
Double Twist Obtains $5,000,000 Series B Financing Round 04/07/09 San Francisco
Spectralinear Lands $10,000,000 Series C Financing Round 01/26/09 San Francisco
Discera Secures Series D Funding Round 12/15/08 San Francisco
Right90 Garners $10,000,000 Series C Financing Round 09/23/08 San Francisco
Sensys Networks Obtains $5,000,000 New Funding Round 07/25/08 San Francisco
iWatt Secures $12,400,000 Series E Financing Round 07/08/08 San Francisco
WhiteHat Security Obtains $7,000,000 Series D Round 06/24/08 San Francisco
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