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Otonomy Scraps Hearing Loss Drug After Phase 3 Flop, Shares Routed 08/30/17 San Diego
Allozyne’s Backdoor IPO, Sound Pharma Fights iPod Deafness, Mirina Vs. Marina Ends, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 06/23/11 Seattle
Fighting iPod Deafness, Sound Pharma Focuses on Teens Cranking up the Volume 06/22/11 Seattle
Sound, UCLA Find Hearing Loss Target 02/24/11 Seattle
Otonomy Drug Could Have Broader Potential Application for Hearing Loss 02/22/11 San Diego
Why Do Biotechs Love the IRS Today? Washington Companies Just Got $34M in Grants 11/02/10 Seattle
Fate Therapeutics Snags Deal With Becton Dickinson to Market Stem Cell Technology 10/14/10 San Diego
Otonomy Closes $38.5M Round to Fund Trials of Hearing-Disorder Treatments 08/30/10 San Diego
Brain Cells’ Antidepressant Disappoints in Clinical Study, Otonomy Hears the Sound of Money, Cognionics Wins Startup Competition, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/17/10 San Diego
Otonomy Pockets $10M For Hearing Loss 06/10/10 San Diego
Cell Therapeutics Nabs $30M, Rick Klausner on Vaccines, Targeted Growth Tinkers With Algae Genes, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 08/20/09 Seattle
Sound Pharma Gets $2.1M Contract 08/19/09 Seattle
Otonomy Tunes in to Biotech’s Sound Opportunity: Diseases of the Ear 03/06/09 San Diego
Sound Pharmaceuticals Applies to Test Drug Against Chemo-Induced Hearing Loss 07/14/08 Seattle
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