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Entry Author Date Location
Microsoft Claims Patent Licenses on 70% of Android Phones 01/12/12 Seattle
Melodeo, Making Big Push in Online Music, Eyes Apple in the Cloud 01/12/10 Seattle
Swype Raises $5.6M, Looks to Go Global with Text Input Software for Smartphones 12/15/09 Seattle
Sony Ericsson Closing Bellevue Office 11/18/09 Seattle
Why Mobile Doesn’t Go Viral, As Told By Ontela’s Dan Shapiro 11/17/09 Seattle
RealGames Mobilizes, Rolls Out Program for Mobile Game Developers 09/17/09 Seattle
TriQuint Buys TriAccess 09/03/09 Seattle
Nokia CEO Says the Door to U.S. Market is in San Diego 05/28/09 San Diego
Qualcomm May Slow Verizon’s LTE Rollout 04/06/09 San Diego
Kyocera Consolidates Sanyo Wireless in San Diego 04/01/09 San Diego
Ontela Scores Funding, Partners 02/16/09 Seattle
Kyocera Cuts 250 Wireless Jobs 01/30/09 San Diego
In Google’s Phone, a Major Clash Between Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft Heats Up 09/24/08 Seattle
In Nuance’s Snapping Up of SnapIn Software, Investors Get a Better Deal—Some Further Analysis 08/22/08 Seattle
Floating All Boats: Local Companies Have Their Own Reasons for Joining Google’s Open Source Handset Alliance 11/06/07 Boston
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