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Entry Author Date Location
Hyperloop Finalists, Wooing Amazon, MassChallenge & More Texas News 09/18/17 Texas
Energy Leaders React to Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord 06/01/17 National
How a War on Climate Change Could Restore Economic Growth in America 08/23/16 National
TX Roundup: Uber Election, OutboundEngine, Joah Spearman, “Windfall” 05/06/16 Texas
Xconomy Bookclub: “Windfall” Looks at the Business of Climate Change 05/02/16 Texas
Global Warming and the Power of Fear to Drive Innovation 08/01/14 National
First Esri Climate Resilience App Challenge: Who’ll Start the Reign? 07/14/14 San Diego
A Letter to the Year 2061 (If We Make It That Far) 04/04/14 National
Sea Level Rise: Time for a Barrage of New Ideas 08/30/13 National
Calysta Energy to Harness Microbes for Bioplastics Maker NatureWorks 06/18/13 San Francisco
Roundup: Tango Card, VoloMetrix, Glider, Chirpify Score Funds, & More 05/01/13 Seattle
With New SD Factory, Soitec Joins Top 3 U.S. Solar Panel Makers 12/19/12 San Diego
Surprises of 2010 and What to Look for in 2011 01/10/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Proposition 23: Nothing More Than Misdirection 10/22/10 San Francisco
Sungevity, Founded by Greenpeace Activist, Tackles Climate Change as “The Amazon of Solar Electricity” 09/22/10 San Francisco
Monitoring Climate Change: Operational Plan Needed Now 06/30/10 Boston
Metcalfe Says Gore Is Back for Another Bubble, Fitton Likens Raising Angel Funding to Dating, Xconomy CEO Sings New England’s Praises (Literally), and More XSITE 2010 Highlights 06/21/10 Boston
Solar Day, Born in San Francisco, Radiates to Dozens of Cities 06/18/10 San Francisco
Boston-Power CEO Sees “Immense” Pressure to Curb Carbon Emissions at Copenhagen Summit 12/07/09 Boston
Two Things I Learned During My Tour of Sapphire Energy 10/27/09 San Diego
Inside the Mascoma Labs: Tracking Ethanol-Making Microbes from Lebanon to Rome 10/22/09 Boston
Making Carbon Credits Count: World Energy Upgrades Green Exchange Marketplace 07/30/09 Boston
Advice on Physics for Future Presidents From the Debunker in Chief 02/11/09 San Diego
Countdown to Physics for Future Presidents—See You This Afternoon! 02/09/09 San Diego
Physics For Presidents—And the Voters Who Elect Them! Get Ready for Xconomy’s First San Diego Event 02/06/09 San Diego
San Diego’s First Xconomy Forum: Physics for Future Presidents 01/16/09 San Diego
With Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold Out to Create “Invention Capital” Industry—and Stop Hurricanes, Malaria, and Global Warming in the Process (Part 2) 08/26/08 Seattle
Daily TIPs: Carbon Bootprints, Wireless Smut, Cheaper Batteries, & More 07/29/08 National
Massachusetts Global Warming Legislation: Economic Drag or Stimulant? 07/21/08 Boston
Daily TIPs: Bartering Goes High-Tech, Obama Touts Cyber Czar, Global Warming Questioned, & More 07/17/08 National
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