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Entry Author Date Location
With $5M for Open-Source Mapping Tools, Boundless to Make New Hires 12/10/15 New York
Wellntel Aims to Sprout Groundwater Info Market With Sonar Device 06/26/14 Wisconsin
Microsoft’s GeoFlow Lets Spreadsheet Jockeys Tell Stories with Maps 05/28/13 Seattle
Boston vs. NYC vs. Silicon Valley? Forget It—The Real City of Innovation Is Everywhere 10/01/10 National
Location, Inc. Releases New Kind of Real Estate Reports, With Aims to Be the Carfax of Neighborhoods 07/15/10 Boston
What Makes a City Entrepreneurial? 02/25/10 Boston
The Browser Geolocation Wars: Skyhook’s CEO on Why Google Maps is Misreading Your Location 07/10/09 Boston
Successful Startups Put Some Distance Between Their HQ and Their VCs 06/22/09 National
$910K Debt Deal for MetaCarta 05/12/09 Boston
Mozilla Adapts Skyhook’s Loki Location-Finding System for Firefox 10/08/08 Boston
MetaCarta Rolls Out Geo-Search Platform 09/29/08 Boston
Boston Unblurred: Debunking the Google Maps Censorship Myth 09/26/08 National
Skyhook Gets Neighborhood Data from Urban Mapping 08/18/08 Boston
On EveryScape, Your Memo Marks the Spot 05/13/08 Boston
Skyhook and Eye-Fi Hook Up to Automatically Geotag Your Photos 05/12/08 Boston
Google Earth Grows a New Crop of 3-D Buildings, and Other Web Morsels to Savor 04/18/08 Boston
Povo Lets Residents Say What’s Best and Worst About Boston, Block by Block 03/31/08 Boston
Skyhook’s MyLoki Bypasses GPS, Makes Location Part of Your Online Persona 03/12/08 Boston
New $7 Million Funding Round Will Help EveryScape Add Scope to Its Scape 03/05/08 Boston
Skyhook and Locr Collaborate on Easier Geotagging for Digital Photos 02/28/08 Boston
EveryScape Adds Cambridge 01/17/08 Boston
The Greater Boston Innovation Map 01/09/08 Boston
Look Out, EveryScape—Google Gives Users a Better Look Around Boston 12/11/07 Boston
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