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Entry Author Date Location
San Diego Startup Raises $2.3M to Advance Enzymatic DNA Synthesis 12/12/16 San Diego
Ginkgo Builds Out Robot Labs as Microbe Design Business Grows: Photos 09/29/16 Boston
Ginkgo Gulps $100M to Build Synthetic Food, Fragrance Business 06/08/16 Boston
Synthetic Biology Primer: In Conversation With Richard Kitney, Part 1 12/31/15 National
Gen9 Garners $25,000,000 New Financing Round 07/30/14 Boston
Twist Bio Aims for Better DNA Synthesis With Silicon Engineering 05/27/14 San Francisco
East Coast Life Sciences Roundup: Bind, Gen9, Radius, Cydan 04/26/13 Boston
Gen9 Obtains $21,000,000 New Funding 04/25/13 Boston
Gen9, Synthetic Biology Startup, Snags $21M from Agilent 04/24/13 Boston
Alnylam, Galenea, Gen9, & More from the Boston Life Sciences Roundup 07/20/12 Boston
Stealthy Gen9 Rolls Out BioFab for Large-Scale Gene Manufacturing 07/17/12 Boston
Gen9 Lands $395,000 New Financing 05/22/12 Boston
Gen9 Garners $1,550,001 Series B Financing Round 09/09/11 Boston
Gen9 Garners $300,000 New Financing 04/28/11 Boston
Gen9 Receives $1,655,000 New Funding 02/11/11 Boston
Franco Cerrina, NimbleGen Founder, Dies 07/13/10 Boston
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