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Gojee Gets $1.2M in Seed Round, Adds Ustream’s Brad Hunstable as Advisor 09/15/11 New York
Gojee Finds Its Way Into the Food Spotlight, Enters Talks for First Round of Funding 08/15/11 New York
Lot18, Backed by NY and Silicon Valley VCs, Creates Exclusive Wine Club 08/01/11 New York
Where Does Textaurant Fit Into the Future of Restaurant Tech? Founder Josh Bob Speaks 07/21/11 Boston
Send the Trend, Looking To Transform the Way Women Shop, Comes From Reluctant Entrepreneur 06/13/11 New York
Rock Health, Say Media, Food Frenzy: The 1-Minute Version of Last Week’s Bay Area BizTech News 06/06/11 San Francisco
Silicon Chef: A Half-Baked Guide to Food Startups 06/03/11 National
Look Out, Mean Girls and Slackers: Objective Logistics Tracks Work Habits in Restaurants to Boost Sales 05/26/11 Boston
Anyleaf—Putting an End to the Old Supermarket Circular 03/29/11 San Francisco
The Facebook of Food? Foodily Makes Meal Planning Social 02/02/11 San Francisco
Boston’s Mini Food Cluster: Area Startups Using Tech to Help Users Cook, Eat, Order, and Diet Better 12/23/10 Boston
Real Time Farms, From Former Android Developer, Offers Crowdsourced Local Food Guides for Farmer’s Markets and Restaurants 12/15/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Are You Ready for a Pre-Turkey Day Pizza Bash Tomorrow? C’mon Down to Xconomy HQ 11/18/10 Boston
Ideo Spinoff ShopWell Says Better Health Starts at the Supermarket; Part 3: Food as Data 11/03/10 San Francisco
Ideo Spinoff ShopWell Says Better Health Starts at the Supermarket; Part 2: Ingredients of a Startup 11/02/10 San Francisco
ShopWell, Ideo’s First Big Spinoff, Says Better Health Starts at the Supermarket 11/01/10 San Francisco
Back from Labor Day: Three Posts You Should Read 09/07/10 National
iTunes Meets Facebook & Epicurious: Kitchen Monki Brings A Number of Big Internet Ideas To the World of Food 08/02/10 Seattle
Invest in the Convergence of Life Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and IT 04/21/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
NWEN “First Look” Forum Tells Story of Software Vs. Medical Startups: Online Travel Is the Winner 04/14/10 Seattle
Nova Analytics Sale to ITT Provides “Very Good” Outcome for Battery Ventures 02/17/10 Boston
Bill Gates Posts Annual Letter, Backs Khosla 01/25/10 Seattle
Ringing in a New Year With Predictions for Hot Software Sectors 12/28/09 San Diego
Porn Always Wins, Bacon Salt Expands, and Other Thoughts from Entrepreneur University 11/06/09 Seattle
Five Things Nathan Myhrvold Taught Us About Cooking 10/26/09 Seattle
Findood Wins Top Prize in NWEN Forum 10/16/09 Seattle
The Big Idea at Springpad 07/14/09 Boston
Amazon Invests in Foodista 05/07/09 Seattle
What the Urbanspoon Acquisition Means for Consumer Internet Startups 05/01/09 Seattle
Urbanspoon Bought by IAC, Will Remain Independent Brand 04/29/09 Seattle
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