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Entry Author Date Location
Verizon Gobbles Up Yahoo, Will Group It With AOL—But What About Tumblr? 07/25/16 New York
Aprenita Rolls Out Algorithmic Lending Platform for App Developers 01/20/16 New York
Marissa Mayer Puts on Game Face, Talks Up Yahoo’s Next Plays 09/29/15 New York
Yahoo Tries to Get NY App Developers Hyped About Its Push into Mobile 08/27/15 New York
Yahoo! Acquires Flurry for Undisclosed Sum 07/21/14 San Francisco
Flurry Receives $9,999,999 New Funding Round 06/04/14 San Francisco
Flurry Receives $24,242,555 New Round 11/14/12 San Francisco
Fred Wilson Discusses Ads, Mobile, and Crowdfunding at Ad:Tech NY 11/08/12 New York
Leftronic Turns Any Startup Office into a Command Center 06/04/12 San Francisco
Google Chrome Shines, Salesforce Scoops Up Heroku, Wings Gets Clipped, & More Bay Area BizTech News 12/13/10 San Francisco
$15M Falls on Flurry 12/08/10 San Francisco
Flurry Secures $15,000,000 Series C Funding Round 12/07/10 San Francisco
Flurry Garners $7,000,000 Series B Financing Round 01/12/10 San Francisco
Pinch Media Acquires Flurry for Undisclosed Sum 12/22/09 San Francisco
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