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Gates Foundation Dishes Out Latest $100K Grants for ‘Out of the Box’ Global Health Ideas 04/28/11 Seattle
Acucela Adds Finance Chief 04/26/11 Seattle
Sean Tunis, Former Medicare Guru, on What Biotechies Gotta Do the Next Five Years 04/26/11 Seattle
Cytokinetics Adds $20M 04/18/11 San Francisco
Kineta Gets $1M NIH Contract Extension 04/11/11 Seattle
Optivia Gets $1.8M For Drug Interaction Study 04/05/11 San Francisco
AVI Biopharma Adds $30M 04/01/11 Seattle
Arena Adds $35.5M 03/29/11 San Diego
Canaan Strings Together Some Good News, Just as the Pressure Mounts on VC Model 03/24/11 San Francisco
Who’s Going to Pay for Future Drug Development? (Part 2) 03/23/11 National
Who’s Going to Pay for Future Drug Development? (Part 1) 03/22/11 National
Think Obamacare Will Suffocate New Drug Development With Price Controls? Think Again 03/21/11 National
Affymax Raises $50M 03/18/11 San Francisco
Exelixis Tacks on $23M 03/15/11 San Francisco
Solazyme Seeks $100M IPO to Build Up Renewable Biofuel Business 03/14/11 San Francisco
Exelixis Bags $156M, Tethys Bets on Prevention, UCSF’s Delicate Dance With Industry, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 03/11/11 San Francisco
Exelixis Pockets $156M in Stock Sale, Riding Wave of Prostate Cancer Drug Results 03/09/11 San Francisco
Burrill’s Bet on Seattle, Yamada Exits Gates Foundation, Stewart Parker’s New Gig, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 02/17/11 Seattle
Ivivi Health Adds $4M 02/15/11 San Francisco
AcelRx Gets $40M in IPO 02/11/11 San Francisco
Optimer Nabs $68M in Stock Sale 02/11/11 San Diego
Marina Biotech Nabs $5.1M 02/10/11 Seattle
Fluidigm Raises $75M in Second Chance at IPO 02/10/11 San Francisco
Dendreon Adds $80M, Amgen Advances ‘Son of Dmab,’ Mobisante Wins FDA OK, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 02/10/11 Seattle
Geospiza Gets $1.2M Grant 02/09/11 Seattle
Oncothyreon Secures $12.5M Loan 02/09/11 Seattle
SeaGen Expects $280M Cash at Year End 02/08/11 Seattle
Regulus, the MicroRNA Child of Alnylam and Isis, Offers Litmus Test for Biotech Hope in 2011 02/07/11 San Diego
Dendreon Adds Another $80M 02/03/11 Seattle
SeaGen Tacks on $23M 02/03/11 Seattle
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