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Entry Author Date Location
I Think, Therefore I Am: Startup Experts Talk A.I. at SXSW 03/15/16 Texas
Debugging the Gender Gap: Filmmaker Warns of Economic Crisis in Tech 08/03/15 Wisconsin
Database Pioneer Stonebraker Wins Turing Award, Including $1 Million 03/25/15 Boston
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Samantha? The Lessons of “Her” 02/07/14 National
Bot & Dolly’s Robotic Cameramen Rewrite the Script in Hollywood 04/01/13 San Francisco
Ex-Groupon Exec Puts Indie Movies Online at Startup Prescreen 01/11/12 San Francisco
Fandor Launches Indie Movie Rentals—Sundance Meets Netflix 04/06/11 San Francisco
Clever Machine Wraps $3.25M 03/28/11 San Francisco
TechTown, Unity Studios Will Partner to Produce Michigan-Based Film Crews 05/27/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
With “Murder on Beacon Hill,” an iPhone App Debuts at Boston Film Festival 04/08/10 Boston
GenArts Bringing Boston to Special Effects Fore with Tinder Purchase from Britain’s The Foundry 02/16/10 Boston
Novomer Uses Kodak’s Idle Film Plants to Scale Up Its Green Process for Making Plastic 12/14/09 Boston
As Mobile Phones Overtake Cameras, Consumers Still Struggle to Use Them, Says Ontela Survey at CTIA 10/06/09 Seattle
Boston’s Digital Entertainment Economy Begins to Sense Its Own Strength 06/19/09 National
GenArts Inks Major Visual Effects Software Deal with Lucasfilm 06/08/09 Boston
Are You a Victim of On Demand Disorder? 06/05/09 National
GenArts Acquires SpeedSix 01/20/09 Boston
Robotics Pioneer Brooks Called to Jury Duty—at Sundance Film Festival 01/15/09 Boston
Drew Senyei, the VC behind the Movie on Hungary’s Class of ’56 10/17/08 San Diego
ExtendMedia Extends Movie Downloads to Canada 05/22/08 Boston
Social Movie Rentals Premiere at Lycos; Chat Room Has Everything But the Popcorn 05/05/08 Boston
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