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Entry Author Date Location
Google’s News: E-Books and Android and Chrome, Oh My 12/07/10 San Francisco
Borders, BookBrewer Team Up for E-Publishing 10/15/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Dave Matthews Plays at 25th Anniversary Festival, ViaSat Partners with JetBlue for Inflight Wi-Fi, Oceanhouse Media Adds 3 Berenstain Bears Titles, & More San Diego BizTech News 09/27/10 San Diego
Google Gets Instant Results, Investors Write Livescribe a Big Check, Willow Garage Unleashes a $400,000 Robot, & More Bay Area Biztech News 09/13/10 San Francisco
$46M for Kno’s Digital Textbooks 09/08/10 San Francisco
The Leaning Tower of Ping: How iTunes Could Be Apple’s Undoing 09/03/10 National
Inkling Launches E-Textbooks 08/23/10 San Francisco
$52 Million for Solazyme, $25 Million for Nanosys, $7.5 Million for WePay, & More Bay Area Biztech News 08/16/10 San Francisco
Lighting Up the World’s Text: A Talk with Vook Founder Brad Inman 08/13/10 National
Plastic Logic Closes Book on Que Reader 08/12/10 San Francisco
Amazon Upgrades Kindle DX E-Reader with New E Ink Display 07/01/10 Boston
Prime View Adopts E Ink Name 06/18/10 Boston
Dympol Uses Targeted Advertising to Cut Online Music Costs 05/06/10 Boston
The iPad May Kill the Kindle, But Amazon Could Still Come Out Ahead: The Only Comparison You Need to Read 04/30/10 National
Seattle Tech Luminaries in the News: Redfin, Jeremy Jaech, and Kindle Vs. iPad 04/26/10 Seattle
Small Explosion, Evacuation at E Ink 04/23/10 Boston
What’s Your Take on the iPad? An Xconomy Survey 03/30/10 National
New E Ink Leader Sees Colorful Future for Company Under Taiwan’s Prime View International 03/15/10 Boston
Russ Wilcox Steps Down at E Ink—Smart Energy Venture Next? 03/01/10 Boston
Video and Books: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together? 02/26/10 National
Amazon Kindle E-Books Expand Reach 02/19/10 Seattle
The $14.99 E-Book: Publishing’s Salvation, Or Just the Last Nail in the Coffin? 02/12/10 National
Sack Ballmer? Break Up the Company? How Microsoft Could Innovate 02/05/10 Seattle
Kindle Conniptions: How I Published My First E-Book 02/05/10 National
Why the Apple iPad Is a Kindle Killer, or Not—and How Amazon Must Step Up 01/29/10 Seattle
A Comparison of E-Book Readers for the New Year 01/06/10 Seattle
Digital Magazines Emerge—But Glossy Paper Publishers Haven’t Turned the Page on the Past 12/18/09 National
Sugar Gets Sweeter: Former OLPC Exec Walter Bender on Netbooks, E-books, Blueberry, and Cloudberry 12/14/09 Boston
Seattle’s Bill McCoy, E-Books and Digital Distribution Expert, Leaving Adobe 11/13/09 Seattle
E Ink, Marvell Create a Chip for Cheaper E-Book Devices 11/02/09 Boston
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