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Entry Author Date Location
Boston Tech Watch: Amazon, Kayak, Runkeeper, Kaspersky & More 07/14/17 Boston
Performance Horizon Garners $15,400,000 Series C Funding Round 06/15/16 San Francisco
Money Transfer Service Remitly Raises $38.5M to Expand to New Markets 04/26/16 Seattle
Remitly Secures $38,500,000 Series C Financing 04/26/16 Seattle
Robin Systems Receives $15,000,000 New Financing 10/07/15 San Francisco
Distill Secures $1,300,000 New Financing 09/18/13 San Francisco
Apsalar Obtains $9,000,000 Series B Round 08/15/13 San Francisco
invino Garners $3,000,000 Series A Financing 06/26/13 San Francisco
New York: First Stop for a Micro-Invasion of British Startups? 08/24/12 New York
Performance Horizon Group Secures $3,100,000 New Financing 07/18/12 New York
YogiPlay Receives $1,000,000 New Funding 03/30/12 San Francisco
Performance Horizon Group Garners New Funding 01/25/12 New York
Endeca to Be Acquired by Oracle; Earth Shifts 10/18/11 Boston
Wednesday Deals Roundup: Red Robot, Zetta, Apsalar, Xignite 09/14/11 San Francisco
Apsalar Receives $5,000,000 Series A Financing 09/13/11 San Francisco
Familybuilder Garners $308,000 New Round 09/30/10 New York
SeaPass Solutions Receives $17,286,000 New Financing Round 12/31/09 New York
OLX Secures $13,500,000 New Funding 06/30/08 New York
Familybuilder Lands Series A Financing Round 02/22/08 New York
IGA Worldwide Receives $25,000,000 Series B Financing Round 07/12/07 New York
IGA Worldwide Receives $17,000,000 Series A Funding Round 07/05/06 New York
IGA Worldwide Receives $12,000,000 New Round 03/31/06 New York
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